US backs call for credible process in Lanka

UNHRCThe United States today noted the need for credible justice processes when addressing incidents related to the war.

Responding to comments made at the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today by the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence, Pablo de Greiff, the US said that it is in the government’s interest to establish justice processes that have the confidence of the international community.

“We express deep appreciation for Mr. de Greiff’s observations from his visits to Sri Lanka and Burundi. We also welcome the chance to engage the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. We thank the Special Rapporteur for your comments on Sri Lanka, and agree that that it is in the government’s interest to establish justice processes that have the confidence of the international community and will be credible to all the affected communities in Sri Lanka,” Michele Roulbet from the US delegation at today’s session said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. this man is hallucinating. let me tell you something US has absolutely no interest what ever at all to have a base in SriLanka. Period. i do not know how this guy is coming up with these crazy idea. Hey man go get your head examine. Do you have any proof?

  2. The key issues is that US lost her own credibility ‘Human rights & War Crimes ‘which nakedly violated since Iraq WAR –that in Globally.

    How can be such country search of other for Human Rights violations and So-called war crimes?

    US policy of misadventure military activities are that gave threaten to Indian Ocean nations.

    That is nothing else aim is seeking US military base in
    Sri lanka,-East cost Trincomalee Harbor?

    What is the US hegemonic Military strategy in Indian Ocean? See past history of US?

    Richard A. Clarke said “We negotiated with British over the long forgotten coaling station on the a rock in the Indian Ocean called Diego Gracia.(in later years I and my British counterpart in London were designated “co mayors” of that distance island neither of us had ever seen) In 1980 we asked the British,”could we please use Diego Gracia and maybe add to it a little ?”
    Soon it was capable of lunching B-52 and about to sink from the weight of pre-position war materiel….” By Clark book of –Inside America’s War on Terror-page 39.

    Currently US strategy is of building NEW MILITARY base in Island.

    US is looking for point of bargain name of “war crime” with Pro-western govt. led by UNP-RW, MS and CBK that misrule of democracy collation ‘s support, for their base in Sri lanka soil.

    Such policy support by UNP-RW regime backdrop of hostile relation ship with Indian Ocean countries by encouraging current US Obama administrations the policy of hegemony in Asia.

      • Well my comment is base on facts and ground reality of US policies of today, that enlightment of hegemony of world policemen.We are not against people of USA,but we want US adminitarion to safegurd democracy values accpects by Majority Sri lankan.

        US has to give up thier irrationalism foreing policy.
        I want future world without wars -that is for kids

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