TNA briefs UK on need for international hand

sumanthiran600-34The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has had talks with the British Government and noted the need for full international participation in all mechanisms established to advance transitional justice in Sri Lanka.

TNA Spokesperson and Member of Parliament for Jaffna M. A. Sumanthiran met Hugo Swire, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva.

Sumanthiran explained the TNA’s position concerning the importance of full international participation in all mechanisms established to advance Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka, the TNA said.

He also stressed the need for the full implementation of the recommendations of the forthcoming report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, by the government of Sri Lanka.

The TNA said that the meeting was part of the TNA’s continued efforts at engaging a wide range of stakeholders including Human Rights Council member states, other governments, the government of Sri Lanka and others with respect to accountability and transitional justice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. he is sucker, speak different in tamil media, enlish.
    he is not trustable person, I feel sorry for the tamils, who choose him as mp (multi mouth person)

  2. sinhala thugs are responsible for the birth of ltte. sinhala thugs unleashed violence against tamil people soon after independence from britain. sinhala thugs killed thousands of innocent tamils during the period 1948 to 1983. local mechanisms in whatever shape or form to investigate war crimes is a waste of time. sinhala thugs cannot be trusted one thing and the other they are not going to punish their own tribe anyway.

  3. Why does the TNA and the international community only desire investigations for the final period of the war?
    Their motive is to absolve the LTTE of the terror unleashed by th LTTE prior to their defeat. Amnesty International, HRW and most so called Human Rights organizations including NGO’s all were participants in the crimes committed by the LTTE. They now want to exonerate themselves by laying blame on the GOSL with false accusations and assisting a dirty fellow like McCallum Rae produce films to insult Sri Lanka.

  4. Mr. Sumanthiran is beating around the bush regarding TNA’s position about the much talked about International probe. There is no consensus among members of TNA whether they are supporting an International inquiry or local inquiry. Sumanthiran as a spokesperson for TNA internationally should make statements without mincing words on matters that are very important to Tamils.

  5. I have faith that the TNA and other Tamil leaders are speaking in the best interest of all Sri Lankan citizens and not simply whitewashing away the crimes of the LTTE still in hiding, out in the open, and those radical Tamil politicians who were deeply involved and behind the years of crimes against humanity perpetrated on Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and other ethnic groups. I would be greatly disappointed if they did not share in collective responsibility for what happened to the citizens of Sri Lanka.

  6. I Think the Tamil ltte terrorism should not be given any more oxygen. TNA playing the cards of Tamil ltte terrorism should be aborted or held liable abetting terrorism. Why should the Majority Sinhalese who has been terrorised for 30 years listen to all these nonsense and threats to save the country from Tamil ltte terrorism.

  7. Mr MA Sumanthiran, at the same time, did you discuss the importance of investigating over 60,000 innocent civilians killed by LTTE. It was LTTE who started the war as well as re-started after a period of reconciliation. Therefore, responsibility for killing innocent civilians mainly rests with the LTTE, especially some of those still residing in the UK and other Western Countries as Tamil Refugees. It should be noted criminals are not refugees they should be brought to justice in an international criminal court if you refuse to hand them over to Sri Lankan authorities. UNCHR do identify LTTE is responsible for many killings.

  8. Sinhalese were generously agreed for political solution of 40/60, even though Tamils weren’t 40 percent of the Sri Lankan population; but CG Ponnambalam rejected the generous offer. Then Rajiv Gandhi done his best for Tamils, but Tamils not only rejected his solution but killed him. Tamils also had few other opportunities, but weren’t ready to find a solution. Tamils took arms against Sinhalese with the help of India, then turned against India with the help of the West. However, Tamils can’t fool the West as they have fooled Sinhalese and Indians, because the West is too smart. The African Americans educated the White Americans about the adverse effects of the discrimination, but Tamils haven’t educated Sinhalese leaders as African Americans educated the White leaders, neither accepted the lasting solutions, but took arms and killed themselves and others. Tamils haven’t learned anything from the past, they are different and scary creatures…

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