Zeid says findings on Lanka of “serious nature”

ZeidUN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein today said that he will release his report on Sri Lanka on Wednesday.

In his opening address at the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Al Hussein said that the findings in the report are of the most serious nature.

“Six years ago, we were confronted with serious violations and loss of civilian life in the last months of Sri Lanka’s long civil war. This Council has been deeply engaged with the need for accountability, as a necessary step towards reconciliation in that country. On Wednesday I will release the report of the comprehensive investigation that OHCHR was mandated to conduct in March 2014, including my recommendations. Its findings are of the most serious nature,” he said.

The High Commissioner also said that he welcomes the vision shown by President Maithripala Sirisena since his election in January 2015, and the commitments made by the new Government under his leadership.

“But this Council owes it to Sri Lankans – and to its own credibility – to ensure an accountability process that produces results, decisively moves beyond the failures of the past, and brings the deep institutional changes needed to guarantee non-recurrence,” he said.

Earlier on Sunday Foreign Minister Mangala Samarweera met the High Commissioner and briefed him on the domestic process undertaken by the Government to address human rights concerns. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The perpetrators of all the inhuman acts committed against Tamils during and at the conclusion of the war in Sri Lanka along with the large number of disappearance of innocent must be investigated internationally. Sri Lanka just has not the science to ascertain the facts and conduct a proper study. Past atrocities against the Tamils was investigated in 1958, 1983, and the reports were buried. There is no trust and confidence for the people who mainly committed the acts of violence to investigated the self. It’s simply not acceptable.

  2. Please Prince Syad.Give up this job and go back to Syria and serve your people.They need your voice and cultural understanding to overcome the cutrrent situation.You know the western do gooders have only one thing in mind.while trying to promote their valueless and ideas in the sake of democracy they are plunder all these poor nations into such a state of term oil they can never recover.Only the people who lived through30 yrs of ruthless terrorism understand what it was to have defeat these terrorists.Whynot question America for her role in many wars .

  3. 2003 is before 2009, first lets start with the war crimes of USA and UK in Iraq. Lied to the whole world about nuclear weapons and turned Iraq into a war zone till now.

    • Very true, All the evil actions which brought immense sufferings to the middle east and rest of the world was done by USA in the pretext of terrorism and nuclear weapons. Put them in jail first and relieve the innocent Iraqi and Turkish people from their horrific sufferings.

  4. It is obvious that last stages of the war there can be many deaths. Both sides were exchanging fire, especially at the no fire zone where LTTE started fire ring from there.

  5. Knowing the background of the panel appointed to investigate and their shameless interactions with LTTE terrorists, we could expect a fictitious report blaming the security forces that rescued 300000 Tamil hostages, for the deliberate crimes committed by LTTE terrorists, with the active support of their foreign bosses.
    Unless these LTTE bosses are named and investigated the credibility of the UN and their panel will be rock bottom.

  6. I do not condone violence but I like to ask the United Nations if they have any plans regarding sixty million refugees in the Middle East due to the ISIS militants. Already, millions have been butchered and it will never be possible to conduct any investigation to punish those guilty, the practical and decent thing to do is take action to disarm these militants and restore civil administration.

  7. FERNANDO it’s nice a catholic from Portugal supporting Sri Lanka but no thanks,we Sri Lankans have moved forward from division and hate talking about other religions and communities since January 8 th of this year ,Sir

    Let the report come out and we will see which ones can be implemented and be honest in accepting mistakes and provide genuine apology for them

    It was a war zone of 30 years,many crimes and mistakes were made by both parties,let’s act civilized society going forward by learning from the past mistakes

    Yes,I do understand that some of the things in the report are true,some lies,some understated,some overstated and exaggerated etc ……but we need to keep a open mind and work with each parties to resolve outstanding issues which sometimes can be very emotional and difficult
    Let’s build our country for the future of our generation’s to come
    Be true Sri Lankan

  8. My Syed and the rest of the western world.You cannot judge on some thing by looking at a tip of the iceberg. Yes there would have been serious crimes at the end of the war.Which war did not have???
    We don’t need your judgements.Put forward the allegations and we will investigate and punish the culprits .If some one has done crimes against the law that person or people should be bright into justice.We peace loving and law abiding ordinary Sri Lankans Welcome that move.We need a country devoid of criminals.But there is a hidden agenda to this question.The previous regime won the war with the help of China when we were embattled with terrorism for thirty odd years.No body gave us a damn too hoot. They left us suffering.
    The west and its allied media like channel 4 started witch hunt because of the anti western and pro China approach previous Rajapakse regime adopted.
    Crime is a crime and no doubt that .However, when the Israel army massacred Palestinian civilians in broad daylight these governments and media quietly turned their eyes away.UN acted like puppets.
    If crimes have commited in our land we take them seriously and will rectify them .But please deal with other issues involved with powerful nations in the same robust way.Otherwise your credibility is questioned and you will be considered as a back bone less western lackey who is partial and biased towards some. There we go we will see how it goes.We are watching.

  9. Al Hussein a person reprasent the Muslim communities in the world, How can he become the head of the UN. Impossible, but the politics. The missings are with them. It is easy to say that the Asians are ignorants, don’t understand anything of the world. But it is not true. We see the people who are here in Europe serving in different countries as rifugees. And Muslim world killing all the innocents and searching for life entering into other countries, where is the human rights for them? Very sorry for having charge against Sri Lanka. Because we won the battle and having the peaceful envirement now. The world would not like to see it. Therefore let’s start the war again killing people like Isis, ok

    • Last Commissioner was called a “Tiger” and he is a “Muslim”. Instead of responding to the allegation made by reputed international investigators, talking about Muslim Communities make no sense.

    • Your a Portugeese Mr.Fernando and a non Bhuddist …..go back to your grandpa country
      We Srl Lankans want to move forward and build our country without people like you with so much hate ,Bye

  10. There is no independent evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The contributions made to this report are flawed as they were made principally by Tamils who supported the terrorist LTTE who killed many and destroyed buildings with their suicide bombings over 30 years. When the LTTE and its leaders were finally cornered they held more than 300,000 own Tamil civilians as a human shield, which is a war crime committed by the LTTE. When the SL army fought close battle with them using small arms and in hand-to-hand combat to help the Tamil civilians fleet in large numbers to the army side to escape the evil LTTE, they were slaughtered by the LTTE using suicide bombing, RPGs and Kalashnikov rifles. The civilians who died were due to this. It cannot even be called ‘co-lateral damage’. There are biased western media reports paid for by diaspora Tamils to take revenge against the SL army and our leaders for totally eradicating the LTTE.

    • Instead of allowing an independent investigation, alleging that there is no independent evidence is not serve the purpose.

    • Absolutely flawed and perverted thinking. Were you there to witness what happened? Don’t open your mouth without knowing the facts. The report will disclose the facts. First study the report without making conclusions. Obviously another moron with a simian mindset.

      • The report will NOT disclose facts. Instead it will disclose what was presented to the panel by the so called witnesses that were coached and funded by the same diaspora that funded all the atrocities committed by the LTTE.

        • Agreed. As with the previous reports most of the so called evidence was solicited online on Tamil extremist websites which provided cookie cutter template letters for LTTE refugees to complete and submit

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