Callum ready to discuss evidence with Government

No Fire Zone Director Callum MacraeThe producer of a controversial film on the war says he is ready to discuss the evidence he has with the Sri Lankan Government in Geneva.

No Fire Zone Director Callum Macrae was in New York and five Latin American countries last week promoting a new film also on Sri Lanka which seeks support for an international mechanism to address alleged war crimes.

“I would be delighted to meet with the new Sri Lankan government in Geneva.  I will be there from the 16th September and would welcome the opportunity to meet them and talk to them about the evidence in my film “No Fire Zone” and also in the half hour film “Sri Lanka: The Search for Justice” which can be seen by all in Sri Lanka and will be shown in Geneva,” he told the Colombo Gazette.

Macrae said that the evidence collated on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka is very carefully presented in the film “No Fire Zone” and he has already presented the full feature documentary – in Sinhala – to President Maithripala Sirisena through the British High Commission in London.

“He did indicate, in an interview with the BBC Sinhala service, that he would watch it, although I have not yet had any response from him. I hope that will come soon – possibly through a meeting with government representatives in Geneva,” he said.

Macrae, who was accused by the former Government of spreading lies through the series of videos he produced on Sri Lanka, and which had in part influenced the UN Human Rights Council in 2012 to push for an international probe, said that it is clear that an accountability process is necessary so that truth and justice can be achieved and the process should be in the interest of every single person living in Sri Lanka.

“It is also clear that the best way of achieving that is through an impartial international accountability process that can examine all crimes committed by all parties to this conflict.  The government of Sri Lanka – if it is genuinely committed to truth and justice – has nothing to fear from such a process. Only the guilty fear the truth. I hope the government will be brave and show leadership and a genuine commitment to truth, justice and peaceful democratic political solutions to the divisions which have caused so much misery to all the people of Sri Lanka,” he said.

Macrae said the Government must support an impartial international process as truth, justice and democratic political solutions are the way forward and in the interests of everyone in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. it must decide by people of the country not by the meantime root cause for such long and complicated situation had lot to do with U.K colonization policies and helping to terrorist organization and his people to operate their activities in their soil many years and many more also must investigate if any one looking justice for this matter ,they must look just not five years but over 100 years of period.

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