Finance Minister invites public to be stakeholders

Ravi KarunananaykeThe Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake today called upon all concerned to send in their strategic proposals to be included in the new government’s budget proposal to be presented for the year 2016.

As the new government has been elected to office on the promise of Building the Economy, Fighting corruption, Ensuring freedom, Developing infrastructure and investment and Developing education under its five point plan spelled out in its policy paper to create a new country in 60 months, the Minister requested the public and the private sector institutions and the general public to  be the stake holders  in the budget process by submitting their proposals to be included in the proposed budget for the year- 2016.

Accordingly, the public sector institutions such as ministries, departments, public enterprises and semi government institutions and the trade chambers and professionals are invited to forward their proposals aimed at increasing productivity and economic development in varied fields aimed at providing dividends to the masses for creating good governance in the country.

The Director General of the Trade and Investment policy Dept of the Finance ministry said that the proposals were also invited from the general public and the pressure groups with regard to multi faceted benefits derived from the social welfare schemes, management of public sector income and expenditure and the infrastructure development.

The Finance ministry also expects proposals for policy improvements in the area of Trade and Investment, SME sector and the deployment of the Labour Force from the relevant public and private sector organizations to be included in the next year’s budget proposals.

If the proposals submitted are leading towards increasing the efficiency and productivity further discussions will be held with the proponents before arriving at a final decision.

Among the other areas the Finance ministry looks for public proposals are promotion of good governance through development of living standards of the people and the sectoral wise proposals for the development of health and education. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If you need our advice then note the following that attention over due.
    Bring the cost of living by
    1,Stop working people,especially couples with children having to pay for 3 houses because because the government is following the old colonial habit of transferring people about where the husband lives in one place,wife in another place children in another place,living with the grand parents schooling.
    Should one get caught to a court case instead of taking ages(perhaps decades),making the lawyers rich,like in UK finish the case in one sitting.Cost to a person is criminal waste of ones earnings.
    Stop hospitals demanding the relative of patients to provide private attendants which people can’t afford.
    Get the civil service to be efficient and accountable.
    Mother never enjoyed my father’s pension during her life time as a widow as the pension dept in Colombo never processed her pension.
    Encourage people to erect solar electric panels in their homes with tax incentives,where simple grid connected setup in a home will reduce the amount of electricity used from the grid.
    Stop importing duty free vehicles for any one.
    Give tax relief for small business people.let every wage earner pay some tax,however little it is.

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