Army denies blocking probe on Ekneligoda

prageeth_eknaligodaThe army has denied reports that it was blocking investigations into the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda.

The army media unit said that it has been reported in some media that the army is blocking the probe and that army lawyers had objected to inspecting the Girithale camp.

The army, while reiterating its compliance with any CID request and full cooperation to the CID for any investigation on the conduct of army personnel, underlined that once the police arrest any army suspect, army lawyers do not appear or make any submissions and do not have any role to play.

Therefore, the question of army lawyers appearing for army suspects in the Ekneligoda case does not arise, the army media unit said.

The army further noted that no lawyer from the army appeared for suspects in the Ekneligoda case as alleged, nor has any submission been made by the army for those suspects who are being represented by their civil counsel.