Government saddened over death of UAE troops

Mideast Yemen Gulf ArabsThe Government today said it was saddened over death of forty-five soldiers from the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates in Yemen.

A Foreign Ministrry statement said that it is with profound grief and sorrow that the Sri Lanka learnt about the death of forty-five soldiers from Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates in Yemen while contributing to restore security and stability of the country.

“It was indeed unfortunate that this news reached us soon after the visit of H. H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister of United Arab Emirates to Sri Lanka,” the statement said.

The Government and the people of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka express their heartfelt condolences to the Government and the people of the United Arab Emirates on this tragic incident.

The Government of Sri Lanka hopes that peace and normalcy will be restored in the region as soon as possible. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The UAE troops are in a foreign country, Yemen, killing it’s citizens, alongside Saudi and Qatari troops. The Saudis have already killed thousands of civilians without a hum from the ‘Human Rights’ industry. They should get out.

  2. More than 1500 soldiers were killed in one location by Tamil Tiger Terrorists, when army camp was attacked during Chandrika time. There was no comment from USA at the time as Tigers and SL Government both used to buy weapons from certain western countries such as USA. Mahinda Rajapaksa became an enemy because he defeated Terrorism, not because human rights. Best way to avoid Terrorism is to prevent big countries helping terrorist groups.

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