Kandy to be Sri Lanka’s first ‘smart city’

RaufThe Government hopes to make Kandy the first ‘smart city’ in Sri Lanka and cabinet approval will be sought for this.

Minister of Urban Development and Water Supply Rauff Hakeem said that funding will be sought for the project from foreign donor agencies.

“We will later expand that to Galle, Colombo and other areas,” the Minister told reporters in Kandy.

He said the project will not be very costly and the Government will be able to implement it with USD 10-15 million. We maybe able to do two or three cities. I am sure we will be able to procure that kind of funding from one of the multilateral agencies,” he said.

The Minister noted that in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has identified 100 cities to implement the ‘smart city; concept.

Hakeem also noted that while the idea of the National Government was for only two years, President Maithripala Sirisena had proposed that the National Government continue for five years.

He said that if the National Government sets a goal to continue for five years then one can expect a stable Government to be in place.

“In the past I have worked with coalition Governments which have not lasted that long. But here the President and the Prime Minister are working well together,” he noted.

Hakeem also noted that a new political culture has been introduced in Parliament with Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan being appointed the leader of the opposition.

He said that the appointment of Sampanthan as opposition leader will help the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Rahula you have addressed the key issues that essentially be looked in to before even launching this kind of a project in Kandy or any where else. General public to get the benefits out of these multi million dollar projects, proper feasibility studies shall be carried out.

  2. This concept does not touch on garbage collection/recycling and disposal infrastructure or Sewage treatment etc It also tries to dilute population density of city, this will lead to urban sprawl and habitat destruction. It will be a modern sprawling city with no sanitation infrastructure, will be the worst of both worlds.

  3. Yes Mr. Hakeem. If you are smart enough please get rid of the Kandy traffic Jam first. Kandiyans will be eternally grateful to you.Let us see whether you can deliver this.

  4. Dont try to be Gota who well planned the city of Colombo which internationally recognised as the no.1 city of the world regarding its quick transformation.Sadly one of your party member made “petti kada” or pavement shops on the pavement during the Ramadan season! You can make petti kada also in Kandy for Ramadan as well!

  5. Kandy is highly polluted,situated in a valley surrounded by hills.There’s high level of Carbon monoxide,methane from sewers affecting people,especially old.Every time I have a meal,feel terribly sleepy because little oxygen we breath is absorbed during food digestion making us feeling lethargic and non productive and causing sever lung problems.
    I wish authorities make a effort to reduce the traffic through the town find reasons for so many people coming to Kandy.Perhaps the government could move the reasons for people coming to areas outside Kandy city limits.
    Also remove vehicle barriers near Malgawa allow the traffic by Maligawa.
    Government must listen and respect the people,especially the taxpaying business people in Kandy.

  6. Are you listening bit of deja vu call me cenacle is this type of proclamations sound bit familiar same rhetoric MR used. What is next new Air Port in Kandy called d MSI. Jumbo cabinet for a start it will get bigger as more join the soup dish for a slurp. No wonder Werawansa is upset he is missing out some big back handers been in the opposition.

  7. Mr.Hakeem, you are making yourself a laughing stock telling by appointing Mr.Sampanthan as the opposition leader reconciliation is possible.Remember very well reconciliation is only possible if all the perpetrators including the muslim homeguards in the east who with the assistance of the soldiers killed thousands of tamils are punished in an internatinal court.

    • Don’t talk bullshit when minister Rauff says about to make kandy as a smart city u tell something about the project but instead ur talking about the killings of Tamils by Muslim home guards who killed its the Lankan soldiers killed innocent Tamils first mind ur language

      • Mr. Cheese Cake,please read the last sentence in the news above.If you have any problem with your eyesight,please consult an eye specialist.We always write the truth not bullshit.

    • singing fish I was sure your mate from New Zealand world leading pseudo intellectual Antany Peter is in Hague preparing the case at the ICJ. Come to think of it you write exactly like Antany.

  8. kandy will be a ideal place to consider monorail and cable cars because there many places visitors to observe hence consider to make this city one of these concept


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