Sanga yet to get official invite to be envoy to UK

sanga1Kumar Sangakkara is yet to receive the “official proposal” to be the Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to UK, the Pakistan Observer reported.

The 38-year-old former wicket-keeper and the left-handed batsman was offered the post by his country’s president Maithripala Sirisena during his farewell Test match which ended on August 24 at P. Sara Oval in Colombo.

“At present Sangakkara is playing the County matches (for Surrey) in London. The official invitation will be made to him on any day once the new ministers are sworn in on September 4”, Palitha Pelpola, the personal secretary to the president, said exclusively over telephone from Colombo.

The hon. president is likely to speak to Sangakkara in person and convey the offer officially, it is learnt here.

Sangakkara, who was surprised with the offer when it first made to him on August 24, has not made his decision public.

Interestingly, the present acting High Commissioner Dr. Channaka Talpahewa is also a keen sportsman. He was the first Sri Lanka Rowing captain and is also a winner of South Asian Games medals.

He holds two Sri Lanka rowing records as well. It could not be confirmed whether the president spoke to him about his new likely successor. Dr. Talpahea was recently on a vacation in Sri Lanka.

In the meantime, the speculation was rife in Sri Lanka that taking a note of Sri Lankan president offering job to a retired cricketer, the British prime minister David Cameron has offered Monty Panesar the post of the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka. Even Ian Botham’s name was also discussed, the media had reported recently.

“The news is untrue”, Ms. Priya, the official said from Colombo.

It would have indeed been a remarkable step had this offer been made to Panesar, who once urinated publicly on bouncers in a night club in England.


  1. President must extent Sanagakae be an appoint as Sri Lanka High Commissioner to London without delay.
    The Canterbury of Archbishop awaiting see Sanagaraka soon in London?

    We urge President keep promised.
    The Cricket is national game of Anglo-Saxon .
    People of UK respect cricket ,while they respect Sanagarake too.

  2. Sanga knows better than Sri Lankan politicians. I am sure he knows whether he has the ability to be a top diplomat or not. Let’s wait and see whether he is a true legend or become greedy for position and fame as dirty foolish politicians.

    • Anthany Shocking to me is why MS never made you the offer. Then again you are a extremely busy man as of now at ICJ in Hague working on so many legal prosecutions.

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