National Government will address key issues says PM

RANIL_WICKRAMASING_2521384fPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the National Government which took oaths today will be able to address key National issues.

Speaking after the new cabinet took office, the Prime Minister said that the Government will be able to address pressure faced from the international community and also domestic issues.


  1. Is there’s a way to meet your MP without going into a puja,where one can’t discuss.Will the answer your letters?Are they elected to serve the people or themselves?

  2. Ranil must ask the public what the key issues are.
    When are we getting the courts to finish a case in one or two hearings instead of decades?
    When are we stopping the people being transferred.
    Why are the MPs and few others have the privileges to import duty free vehicles?
    When will our hospitals care for sick without demanding attendants from outside where the people have to pay out of their pockets?
    When will it stop politicians been escorted by a fleet of vehicles costing the tax payer,which is absurd.
    Many issues that will never be solved.

  3. UNP and SLFP of RW & CBK only national policy is Jumbo Cabinet divided among them.
    They share Power and positions of ruling governances among UNP and SLFP of CBK.
    This call “National Government”?
    Is that “good governances” ?
    All sorts of ministers are more than 90 men and women for 21 millions of population in Sri lanka?

    What is this democracy.
    Who s money?
    What a waste of Public Tax payers money?

    Look at Indian 1300 million people have 525 members of Parliament. Cabinet and other ministers are 100 odd men and women for 1300 million of Indian population!

    Indian democracy work well in numbers.
    But poverty level highest in more than Mount Everest. That is there.
    Is that non of our Business .

  4. Knowledge is power. You must do everything for the younger generation to develop their knowledge. Your top priority is educating the future generation, not to please the white man. Access to National and Colombo libraries are not easy from the public transport. I never had this much difficulty to reach a public library in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada or Australia. In Colombo library I hardly found books that have published after 2000. There is a computer lap in Colombo library, but the computers have been donated by the Korean Embassy. We all know how the politicians have been living lavishly, this shows they don’t value knowledge, nor care about the next generation. Prime Minster should appoint someone to get a bus from Wellawatte to Colombo library, randomly check few bookshelves to see how old those books are, then get a bus to Wellawatte; after that only he will know how much he has been betraying the next generation.

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