Wimal Weerawansa slams President Maithripala Sirisena


National Freedom Front (NFF) leader and United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa today slammed President Maithripala Sirisena over some of his actions, including with regards to the opposition leader post.

Speaking in Parliament today, Weerawansa said that the President has continuously worked against the UPFA at the Parliamentary elections.

He said the President never took part in UPFA election rallies or attended press conferences in support of the UPFA ahead of election day.

He insisted that the UPFA is also not part of the National Government and instead it is the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) which has a deal with the United National Party (UNP).

The UPFA member said that whatever President Sirisena has said is not part of the UPFA policy despite him being the UPFA chairman.

Weerawansa also said that the UPFA had never agreed to make Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan the opposition leader.

He accused the President of working under a contract to make Sampanthan the opposition leader as the TNA had backed Sirisena at the January Presidential election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why did Weerawansa go and beg the president not to dissolve UPFA. It is time to disolve UPFA and SLFP to make its own decisions. As the prof said Weerawansa,Wasu Dinesh & Gammanpila are hijacking the UPFA to steal SLFP votes and boost their image. They don’t care what happens to the country or the SLFP. Mr president time has come to dissolve the UPFA !!

  2. It clearly indicates Weerawansa is a donkey. From the time the President was elected his body language was very evident that he wanted to drift away from the UDFA and get rid of people like Weerawansa;, Dinesh, Gammanpilla, and Vasu. Which will be good for the people and the country. Weerawansa had realised it now only. He is a real dumb. He has only a wide mouth and nothing in his head.

  3. I suggested to all the PA supporters to come forward bravely and spit to Pussy Sirisena’s face that every time they encounter , because Sirisena the conspirator who deliberately handed over the government to UNP . I have never seen a such person like sirisena in the Sri Lankan political history. He must be thinking he did a good thing to the country . It must be in his dreams . He entirely a conspirator against our country . Who big time betrayed the country to the interest of west .we will see it very soon . The country is standstill ,developments are stopped ,people are losing their businesses . This is what he brought with bunch of hypocrites . The parliament has no majority to rule the country . And there are new jokes of national Goverment . This pussy cat messed the whole country . Who pays the price ?????

    • You are singing the same song which people of this country had been hearing from the time President Sirisena came into power. It is the people who voted for a national government and MR further lost 1.1 million from his vote base of 5.8 million during the parliamentary election. It seems you are still stuck up in spell of your own dream and you need to come out of it. Your accusation of the country is in a standstill in development, business, and jobs is baseless. You are in a mess, put yourself right.

      • Hello ,oy ,are you insane ? What is the different between the cabinet of Pussy cat’s and Rajspsksa ?? Is this the change that Ponna Sirisena pledged before the election . It is too early for you to see the consequences but I do it now and also I saw it when Pussy Sirisena defected to alliance with Lady Ranil to challenge mighty Rajapaksa . Can’t you see what is that Jvp says today .

        • hey man it looks like you are either senile or halucinating. come on , wake up man . you forgot what happened during the last 10 yrs . you are a lucky man the present govt does not have white vans like rajapaksa crowd.you . it sounds like you are a NYC traffic agent.

          • It is sound like you are demented and benighted . You are absolutely out of facts . You are talking about 10 years , what about the 17 years of oppression ? Please do not speak from ass . However ,I won’t stick with your idiotism and inherited defect that you plunged into .

    • innocent people of srilanka paid a lot during you dim-wits 10 yrs administration. enough is enough please do give the present govt 2 yrs to develop the country and after that you can give your 2 cents.

  4. If the president is also the chairman of the UPLF how come what he says is not relevant ? Weerawansa is trying to hijack the UPLF.I think it need to be dissolved as there is no use for it under a national government.Once the SLFP if cleansed by the President it can contest successfully the next election without the support of these crooks.

  5. You bloody MF atleast now give your foolish talks and try to correct yourself and get pardon from MS and Ranil.If a bastard like you get a position even in a future Govt (never happens) you still will be the same old f idiot because you have no education other than 7th standard.Be prepared to go to jail along with your wife for the corrupted things you did during the past regime of MR and Co. You buffoon your face is like a donkey’s arse and I pity the idiots who voted for you with all the misdeeds you have done and it is unbelievable that SriLanka still have MFs to vote you into power. I feel sorry for mother Lanka.

  6. Up to date we thought JRJ was to a certain extent used dictatorial powers but now there is another man who wants to replace JRJ

  7. This thief still do not dare to open his stupid mouth. Shud put him in jail where he belongs to for the thieveries he done during the previous regime and shud strip his civic rights off to make sure we do not hear his again.

  8. president siriena did not attend the rallies because he doesn’t like idiots like you on the stage praising rajapaks’s after robing the country for billions.

  9. Modawansa should not be taken seriously. He has no education, no track record of having done anything worthwhile other than ‘Kade Yama ‘ for his former master. Just shut up you fool .

  10. You donkey weerawansa shut ur mouth and listen what the new government say no matter if president attended neither spoke election rallies u have no right to question the President of this country don’t bark like a mad dog wait ur time is coming to answer what you did during your tenure.

  11. this M/F must go to school and studies basic thinks before he acts like a human. appointing TAN leader as the opposition leader was right action. we must never look people are based on who their are but only are suitable to run the job.

  12. Weerwansa is absolutely corrupt,he should not be in Parliamengt,he and wife should be in welikada prison with gamini Aluthgamage,bloody rouges

  13. You should have known Sira is an underhand wheeler dealer, a cut-throat who should not be believed for a moment. Too late for all the SL balumakkas who voted in favour of him.

    • you do not even have a brain of a flea. srilankans learnt a very good lesson during the last 10 yrs and thats why they changed the previous adminstarion. because of your flea brain you cannot dfferetiate right and wrong. you gave rajapaksas 10 yrs to destroy this country. please give the present administration only 2 yrs to show improvements for our fellow citizen

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