Modi notes importance of ties with Lanka

Narendra_ModiIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that India attaches the highest importance to its relations with Sri Lanka and looks forward to taking the ties to new heights.

Prime Minister Modi expressed the view when he met former President Chandrika Kumaratunga in New Delhi today.

Modi deeply appreciated the leadership role played by Kumaratunga in the country and in strengthening relations between India and Sri Lanka, a statement said.

He expressed confidence that she would continue to play an important role in Sri Lanka to move towards genuine reconciliation and social harmony where the aspirations of all the communities would be met within the framework of united Sri Lanka, it added.

The Prime Minister reiterated that India attaches the highest importance to its relations with Sri Lanka, the statement said.

Noting that the two countries enjoy deep and enduring links of kinship, history and culture, he said he looks forward to continue to working closely with the Sri Lankan President and the Prime Minister to take the relationship to new heights.

He also welcomed the successful holding of parliamentary elections in Sri Lanka in a peaceful and participative manner as reflective of the strength of democracy in the country, the statement said.


  1. Modi’s Premiership that make plan to decisively split Sri lanka combine with US administration and current Govt. of UNP-RW and CBK.MS rules

    BJP govt. promoting Tamil Eealm state in North Island for New Tamil kingdom.
    BJP -Modi anti -Sri Lanka policy that disappoint by majority Sinhalese Buddhist people.
    CBK comes from originally Tamil decadence form three generation before.

  2. BJP argued that the character of Independence India should be defined by the religious affrications of People India.
    Modi ‘s BJP is the political vision had expression of that RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) well is championing a “Hindu Rashtra ” Empire .

    Modi’s rule of extremism conflicts in contemporary Indian secular democracy are continuation of conflict extremism of Hindu religion and big power democracy of India.
    Current Republic of India that under the BJP-Modi has weaken very foundation of secular democracy of India .

    By and large BJP ally with US hegemony that encouraging Federalist State in Tamils for North will given moral boots to TNA – Tamil land in Sri lanka.

    It will created inability to take path of democracy and post-War reconciliation of Island.

    BJP of Modi and CBK, MS and RW for Federal concept of undermined the unity all Sri Lanka, who are currently struggle for secular democracy.

    Their agenda is no for the unity in fact provides the grist to the mill of the Tamil communal forces to strengthen Eealm state by UNP -SLFP (CBK+MS) to be set up new political partition Island of US hegemonic road map.

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