Ex LTTE negotiator tells TNA to push for Eelam

RudraVisuvanathan Rudrakumaran, the head of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) and former LTTE peace negotiator, has called on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to push for the creation of a State of Tamil Eelam.

While congratulating the TNA on its victory at the Parliamentary Elections Rudrakumaran noted that during the election the TGTE appealed to the Tamil people to cast their votes based on certain fundamental positions instead of the usual approach of supporting a political party.

“Of the different positions we articulated, the TNA included in their election manifesto the one concerning the Thimphu Principles, which recognize that Eelam Tamils have inhabited a traditional homeland, they constitute a distinct nation, based on which  Eelam Tamils were entitled to the right of self-determination.  With reference to the Report to be delivered by the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, although there was no mention about an international independent investigation in TNA’s election manifesto, we saw that number TNA candidates reiterated on election platforms their support for an international investigation,” Rudrakumaran said in a statement.

Rudrakumaran also noted that the outcome of the August 2015 elections should not be in any way misconstrued by the TNA that the people have rejected the overwhelming mandate given at the parliamentary election of 1977 for the establishment of an independent Tamil State in the island of Sri Lanka adding that doing so would be utterly incorrect.

“The reality in Sri Lanka is such that 6th Amendment to the Constitution adopted after the 1977 elections prohibits any expression by the Tamil people of their aspirations for freedom through secession. The 6th Amendment has clearly established a situation in which the Eelam Tamil Nation in its campaign for political rights could not even express, let alone discuss freely, the options for a resolution to the Tamil National question. In this context, the failure of the Tamil voters to express a desire to create their own independent, sovereign state could be considered as a fresh mandate state only if they voted after the 6th Amendment had been repealed, and not when the voting took place with the 6th Amendment in place to muzzle their freedom of expression. The enormous sacrifice of over 40,000 martyrs and tens of thousands of citizens remain with us as a mandate, and reminding generations to come the duty to uphold that mandate towards establishing an independent State of Tamil Eelam,” he said.

He also said that the opportunity for the Tamil people to express their true aspirations would come only when the said 6th Amendment is repealed and a Referendum is conducted under aegis of the international community whereby Tamils living in the North and East and in the Diaspora could vote on all options for a solution to the Tamil national struggle in Sri Lanka, including the option to secede. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Isn’t it better to create Eelam in Tamil Nadu.???? All Sri Lankans support to make a Eelam in Tamil Nadu..

  2. Please rest assured the unfortunate tamils who could not flee like you and your surrogates did during the height of tensions in this country and those tamils who chose to stay put have excellent representation through their chosen political representatives.

    Your surrogate Ponambalam and his political party were cast out at the recently concluded elections by a great majority of voters.

    It is best that tamils in Sri Lanka be the determinators of their future and need no ill conceived ideas from you or your illegal outfit that lives by exhorting donations from a diaspora caught between myth and reality.

    It may not be too long before you are rendered persona non grata in the USA and your pseudo government banned in the USA and other western capitals as SL foreign policy reshapes.

  3. Why don’t you ask from India? You are lucky to be alive today because of forgiveness from Sri Lanka. If you took weapons against America, you and anyone supported you would have been executed on an electric chair by now. Give up your separatist activities idiot.

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