President insists fight on corruption will continue

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena today insisted that the fight against corruption will continue even as the new National Government begins work.

Making the policy speech statement in Parliament of the new Government, the President said that he will continue what was begun when he took office after the January 8 Presidential election.

The President also said that it is in the hands of the new Parliament to decide on the Executive Presidential system.

President Sirisena arrived in Parliament this afternoon to ceremonially inaugurate the sessions and was greeted by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

After making his way into Parliament the President began his policy statement speech in which he congratulated the new members elected to Parliament.

Former President and now a member of Parliament, Mahinda Rajapaksa was also present in the House when the policy speech was read.

In his speech, Sirisena said that the Government will focus on a Asia centric foreign policy and look to maintain good relations with all countries.

Sirisena also recalled that there was too much attention on the Geneva issue over the previous years but the new Government has been able to address that issue.

“We need the support of the international community,” President Sirisena added.

The President also extended an open invitation to Sri Lankan professionals working overseas to return to the country and contribute to Sri Lanka’s economy.


  1. We as modern Sri lanka need united and diversity integrated democracy set of rules & norms.
    Political stability of visionary commitments ours is the long struggle for Independent of Political. Economical and Social .
    Now fear as arise that public of citizens began to be affected by rise of price of all consumers items.
    So many construction materials ,pharmaceutical products many packing material the list was endless price has gone up last 200 days.

    The power of purchasing began plummeting around citizens .
    Newly appeared deep uncertainty of stock market and unbelieves shot up of national debt seems to danger of growth of GDP.

    The business leaders, economics and public have yet to fathom the real cause of economic meltdown that created uncertainties national economic development..
    Longer the orthodox wisdom remains mired in the belief that credit and debt crisis are merely the fault of failing to properly deregulated currency and capital market.
    We are unable get the roots of corruptions of crisis and fix it. the risk of uncertainties of Economy has be address soon by President .

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