India sees ties with Sri Lanka growing further

Arvind Gupta Deputy National Security AdviserIndia today said that it sees ties with Sri Lanka growing further following the January Presidential election and visits by leaders to both countries.

This view was expressed by Dr. Arvind Gupta, Deputy National Security Adviser of India at the Defence Seminar which began in Colombo today.

He said that the ever increasing India – Sri Lanka relations are now on a sound footing and Sri Lanka is a vital component in the periphery as regional development is taking root.

Dr Gupta basing his address to the session on five major areas; i.e. (1) Role of Economic Powers, (2) Reforms in Security, (3) Terrorism, (4) Fragile Economy, (5) Competition for Resources, added that considering emerging trends, one need to reform the effectiveness of the emerging economic powers. Similarly, maritime security such as piracy, safety and communication are new facets which we need to look at closely if we were to keep our economies as well as Indian Ocean stable.

“In the same vein, terrorism still remains a major challenge as young crowds are getting more and more radicalized with the speedily growing cyber space with ample openings for training. Therefore, without ignoring good old methods of terrorism, cross-border unified preparedness and alertness need to be strengthened,” he said.

He also said that the crash of stock markets, financial crises, etc are common elsewhere while a lot of economic growth is taking place in Asia. Similarly, he said as development goes on water resources have emerged as another challenge. More and more crises can be expected in the future as the need for cooperation is fast growing.

He also underlined the significance of fostering Sri Lanka – India relations further which of course took place with the arrival of Sri Lanka’s President in India and Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)