China says ties with Lanka only for development

Yi XianliangChina says the cooperation between China and Sri Lanka is only for the peace and development and that it has no intention to target a third party.

“I can clearly declare that there is no ulterior purposes or hidden agenda in the cooperation. We also urge and would like to see all the countries in the Indian Ocean region to play a positive and constructive role in promoting the regional security and cooperation, and work together to achieve win-win situation for all,” Chinese Ambassador Yi Xianliang said yesterday.

He was speaking at the defence seminar held in Colombo organized by the Sri Lanka army.

The Ambassador said that China will continue to be committed to promoting regional peace and stability through enhancing the cooperation with Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

He also said that China will continue to cooperate with members of the ReCAAP, of which cover Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, U.S., ASEAN countries, Korea, Japan, Australia and EU members, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and UK, in strengthening the mechanism and action against piracy.

“China has provided assistance to other countries to the best of its ability and shall always be a reliable friend and sincere partner of other developing countries. We strives to play a constructive role in international affairs with an objective and impartial position, and will never depend on or subjugate itself to any external forces. We proposed to replace confrontation with cooperation and replace zero-sum game with mutual benefits. Cooperation for win-win outcomes should be adopted as the fundamental goal in interactions between countries. And it is necessary to seek common ground while shelving differences, increase common interests and defuse disputes, and pursue peace, development and security through cooperation. While seeking security and development for themselves, countries need to accommodate the security of others and work for common development of all,” he added.

He says China seeks mutual benefit and common development with other countries under the context of globalization, and will work together with other countries to build a harmonious world of durable peace and common prosperity. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. [We welcome Chinese an investment and to be improved live hood of all Sri Lankan.]
    So are you speaking for all Sri Lankans or few privilege individual’s who is getting the share of the back handers.

  2. People’s Republic of China day came into being ,in 1949 Oct the 1st was accept or not World power balance has changing In favored of Majority population in Globe.
    Democracy has arise in Asia.
    The an Independent China was great work of CPC led by Mao and party.

    Until 1972 President Nixon and Kissinger of USA that visit PRC which that , US denied diplomatic relationship with 700 millions of Chinese people was that largest population in the World.

    Even though PRC having survived and had been good Relationship with Sri Lanka since 1957.

    1978 PRC has shifted her New Policy of Socialist Market Economy. The new reality brought back that rapid path and New Model Economic Development by releasing productive forces and change relation of production .
    It was path of China now reach to second world largest economy, that is second into US giant and complex economy. Peaceful Rise China of Political and Economy that outcome to ,unprecedented assets to whole world economy development and peace in Globally.
    We, Sri Lankan that all nationalities now enjoy part of that development since end of War 2009 May by China engaged trade and investment an Island.

    Hence the defeated of Tamil ruthless Terrorists that led LTTE and their proxies forces of TNA and their political class had been bring back Peace after 30 war.

    All Sri Lankan irrespective of diversity linguistic, religious, ethnic, culture etc.- we want peace and economic development is nation that is priority of National agenda.

    We welcome Chinese an investment and to be improved live hood of all Sri Lankan.

    What ever party in power Peace and Economic development is our national aspirations of People of Sri lanka.

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