Four Sri Lankan refugees detained with coral reefs

coral reefsCoral reefs weighing about 20 kg were seized from four Sri Lankan refugees by the Q Branch police in the Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, India.

The Hindu newspaper quoted police sources as saying that the coral reefs were seized during the regular raid conducted by the Q branch police in the refugee camp at Kozhiporvilai near Kaliyakavilai.

The seized coral reef and the arrested refugees were handed over to the Forest Department for further action.

The arrested refugees were; S. Selvakumar (28), S. Anandaraja (48), I. Parthiban (20) and C. Diwakaran (21).

The refugees reportedly confessed to the police that they brought the coral reef banned under the Schedule I of the Wildlife Act from Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour in Kerala for using them in fish tanks.