Excelsoft re-launches as xcendant

xcendent COO Hariharan PadmanabanRenowned for the delivery of engineering enterprise level solutions for the apparel manufacturing and education domain, Excelsoft recently announced the re-launch of the company as xcendant. Over the last 14 years, the company has made its mark in the IT industry, continuously raising the bar in the delivery of high-end services and solutions. The re-launch includes a revamping of the existing systems and an overall focus on improving speed and innovation – cascading down to clients receiving higher quality solutions at a faster pace that allows for more futuristic and proactive systems.

Speaking on the re-launch and the inspiration behind the new branding and image, Hariharan Padmanaban, Chief Operating Office of xcendant explained, “The new brand name, derived from the word ‘ascendant’ invokes the state of being ‘on the rise’; which is what we as a business are striving for continuously. Our team is constantly driven to innovate and add value for our partners and clients, delivering consistent quality and excellence in service. In terms of our logo, the upward-pointing arrowhead represents our aim to reach even greater heights while maintaining razor sharp focus on standards and accuracy. We believe this will enhance our deliverables to each client – better positioning us as a preferred solution provider and strengthening our position locally as we move into operations in India, Japan and other South East Asian countries.”

As a business xcendant focuses on the delivery of software that enhances efficiency exponentially. By truly understanding a business and fine-tuning processes, control, transparency and effectiveness – the solutions remove waste and duplication, making operations run smoother and work more effectively. The re-launch will bring with it a higher degree of investment in infrastructure, technology platforms and training for the company’s existing team as well as a planned influx of new talent capable of building on the existing brand value. The change will also bring with it the proactive move to cloud based and mobile friendly solutions that are ready to move forward with the evolution of technology.

Speaking on other factors that will come into play as a part of the re-launch Joson Chokatte, Director of xcendant said, “A major change in the works is the largest update of our TOPS manufacturing ERP solution. This evolution arrives on the heels of many technological and thought-leadership advances and will allow even greater degrees of control to our clients, including a fully-fledged Production Planning Tool, Cutting Management Module and Payroll solution. This upgrade will further position TOPS as an invaluable natural extension and driver for manufacturing businesses.”

xcendant will also be revamping its Institute management solution – iLO – which has been re-engineered utilising new technology, simplifying the administration and management of institutes and schools, providing them with the tools necessary to thrive in the current technology driven climate.
At the event, xcendant also announced its partnership with Wizard Inc., Japan to market their products and services to Japanese industries. Mr. Takeo Okawa, President and Mr. Makoto Nakano, Director of Wizard Inc. were also present at the occasion. Speaking at the event Mr. Okawa explained the importance of their partnership with xcendant and how both parties will be working hand in hand to explore new business opportunities. He also highlighted Sri Lanka as a forefront destination for the IT industry, where the elevated capabilities of xcendant will definitely place them at the driving seat in terms of solutions offered by other Japanese competitors.