Army says probe on Channel-4 video not over

sri-lanka-war-zone-ltteThe army says the investigations over the controversial ‘Channel 4’ video on the war in Sri Lanka is still not over.

Since the year 2013 the army has been investigating into the Channel-4 video upon directions given by then government.

“The objective of those investigations is to verify whether those were Army members,” the army said.

The controversial ‘Channel 4’ video, which was part of several videos later released by the British television station, alleged the army was involved in war crimes.

In April 2013 an army court of inquiry had cleared the military over allegations of targeting civilian locations during the final stages of the war.

The army court claimed to have examined senior field commanders and infantry, armory, artillery, intelligence, civil affairs and medical officers who had participated in the war.

Human rights groups had however raised doubts over investigations carried out by the army back then, as the allegations are against the army in relation to some incidents reported during the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Do not side track the issues and bring LTTE in to the picture. LTTE has been classified Terrorist organisation, but SRILANAKAN GOVERMENT AND IT FORCES ?. Look at the issues whether Srilanakan Army committed war crime against its own citizen during the war.
    Do not blindly support the killings of the ARMY. Need an investigation from a unbiased party outside Srilanaka because both communities have justifications and grievance on each others killings.
    Not to be scared for any international investigation , why ???, ask yourselves guys ?, DO NOT compare LTTE atrocities with a army of the country.
    Tamils have been killed by Singal communities time to time but no one got punished including 1957,1977,1983,2008

  2. It is very obvious that Channel 4 was paid for its so called investigations. I think we should ignore McCray and his bunch of lackeys and get on with the task of reconciliation. Evil was done by both sides. re-living them is not going to achieve anything. Take an example from South Africa

  3. Brutal killing of school children in broad day-light at Anuradhapura by LTTE Terrorists was filmed by another member of the same terrorist group. This video was shown many times in LTTE television service in Jaffna and was available for Channel 4. But Callum McCray pretended that he does not know about it as LTTE paid millions of dollars to make the Channel 4 movie favouring LTTE.

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