Somawansa to form new alliance for LG polls

Somawansa AmarasingheFormer Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Somawansa Amarasinghe is to register a new alliance to contest the next Local Government (LG) elections.

He said that the new alliance will be formed by including civil society and trade union representatives.

Amarasinghe said that talks will begin early next month to form the new alliance.

The former JVP leader said that the name of the new alliance and its policies will be decided once the new alliance is formed.

Amarasinghe, who was replaced as JVP leader by Anura Kumara Dissanayake, had resigned from the party and later accused the JVP of drifting away from its ideologies. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. you are a spent forced discarded by the people at a recent polls. you are a notorious terrorist of yesteryear and people know it.
    even an alliance could not help you get into power of any sorts.
    do the decent thing and ddisappear to the UK like you did before and stay there till the grim reapers calls.

  2. Somawansa Amrasinghe is tested Terrorist and anarchist leader of JVP. He was not founder member of of JVP, he join later JVP late 1969.

    Work with PDN Wijeweera as comrade of tested terrorist in that time, SW was in charge in Financing and party funding of JVP during 1980 tees

    He cannot review party ,best thing is to do JVP must be dissolved by SA. This is urgent task can undertake by SA of JVP.

    People of Sri Lankan do NOT want JVP to in political platform in future
    If that happen of dissolved JVP is great duty if can undertake by Somawansa.
    Mr Soamawans Amarsinghe will become second in next to Gorobvicho in Russia.

    Party like JVP is anti-People and anti-Democratic outfit , as well as serve CIA ,that is part of US-CIA agent and Indian RAW outfit.

    Current all leaders are back by UNP or CBK or MS and other all foreign spy services.
    Please do not trust JVP !
    This that party work for UNP of Ranil .. MS and CBK regime. come power 2015 January 9th and August 17th 2015.

    • You traitors of your class, you would not have had a country if the JVP was not there, MR was a supporter of the PTOMS, ITs the JVP who always said the The LTTE can be defeated, MR would not be defeated if not to the JVP. CIA spies and western agents are in the UNP and SLFP, USA citizens was misters, who signed defense agreements with the USA. Ths country will never be a new country with the UNP-SLFP, no one will be punished for fraud, murder etc we have experienced this for the past 63 years. don’t dream, they are only power hungry,they only care for the 1% and no one else.

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