Resolution in 2009 was not fully implemented

Mahinda-SamarasingheThe resolution in support of Sri Lanka presented to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in 2009 was not fully implemented, former Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said today.

Samarasinghe, who was the Minister in charge of human rights at the time, said that if the resolution was fully implemented then the 2012 and 2013 resolutions against Sri Lanka may have faced difficulties in being adopted.

Speaking to reporters at the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) headquarters today, Samarasinghe recalled that the 2009 resolution backed reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

He noted that the United States is now working with Sri Lanka to put forward a similar resolution at the UNHRC next month in order to support the reconciliation process in the country.

Samarasinghe, who has been included to the new Parliament through the National List, said that the Government must ensure it fully implement the new resolution if it gets the support of the UNHRC.

He said the Government must now put in motion an independent domestic process to investigate allegations over the war in a manner which builds confidence among all communities.

He also said that the Government may need to implement the recommendations of the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights which is set to be presented to the UNHRC next month. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mahinda Rajapakese made grave mistake send man like M.Samarsinghe to Geneva UNHRC secession in several times during after 2009.That is policy mistake by MR.

    He has no knowledge of International human rights, and he lack of sophisticated intellectual academic background his arguments have to answer the shaped of ‘war crime’ allegation put forward by US ,UK and EC of hegemonies nations.

    The ex-colonial masters of headed by US allies that
    so-called ‘war crime’ barrow into deep interest of divided and split Sri lanka, that was the very interest of EXTERMINATE SINHALESE RACE FROM ISLAND by US UK and India.

    The main objective of ‘war crime’ of the colonial maters which promoted NEW Tamil Eealm state by encouraging defeated Gun Rule politics for Tamils in nationally and Globally.

    MS has not realized real fact behind’ war crime’ by US led forces.
    How can he address Human rights issues challenge by US allied forces.

    MS has no insightful work that wide-ranging knowledge of ‘war crime’ against Sri lanka state .

    He is members of Parliament just like Ranil Wickmasinghe of UNP!

    In my point of view, lack of political vision and no sense of moral ,how can MS that answer specific question must be analyzed in terms of nation salvation war against Tamil ruthless LTTE terrorist outfit?

    The modern political fact that remain- Justice of WAR compelled launch by Govt. Sri Lanka, to protected her Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, Independence and Democracy of ours nation inherited values of democracy governance since 1948 independence.

    Tamils want GUN RULE politics to be replace of Right to vote while suppressed values of democracy .
    That was never permitted in our Democracy .
    War has no crimes ,it was just war unable to expressed by Mahinda Samarsinghe in Geneva.

    • How can we honest intellectuals refuse to accept that thee is a prima facie case for investigation of Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka right from the JVP insurrection of 1988 on wards. Both Sinhalese as well as Tamils have had to suffer from gross human rights violations.We boast of a 2500 years civilization. Surely civilized behavior requires respecting human rights of the enemy. Didn’t our former rulers respect even the defeated enemy as Dutugemunu did to Elara. If our modern generation failed to uphold such civilized behavior then should not such behavior be probed.Without such a probe how can we say we are innocent and that the allegations are false. No Sir, justice requires that the allegations must be probed and those if guilty should be punished or forgiven. But the truth must be ascertained.

      • In our history no one knew about human rights or UN charters.They abused people like any other country.Every country was abusing her per people in the history.

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