Sri Lanka military is on alert says Army Chief

df_8Sri Lanka is now one of the most peaceful countries but the military is still on alert to global threats, be it drug peddling, human trafficking, man made and natural disasters or terrorism, Army Commander Lieutenant Crishanthe De Silva said today.

He was speaking at a press conference held to brief the media on the 5th Defence Seminar – 2015 which takes place at the Colombo Galadari Hotel next month.

“For any military in the world, national security is the priority and all military officers are therefore committed to preserve it. This forum discusses and exchanges views on matters of security concern to the region as well as to the world, taking current global trends into consideration. The Army has gained recognition for conduct of this interactive dialogue since its founding in 2011. This has enabled us to get a better exposure and the ever swelling numbers attending it every year itself is a testimony to this global recognition”, the Commander said.

He said the seminar has also contributed to strengthening of the mutual bonds of goodwill with all supporting the country and its armed forces.

“We have extended invitations to the US ambassador and a number of diplomats. Ambassadors for China and Pakistan are among invited speakers to the sessions. The Army in the past six years after the war reached high degree of professionalism through the experiences and special training sessions conducted. It is this professionalism which has brought commendation to the organization,” the Commander pointed out.

This year’s comprehensive two-day sessions while mainly focusing on ‘National Security in the Context of Emerging Global Threats’ are segmented into nine separate sessions under sub themes, such as ‘Nature of Threats Affecting the National Security of a Nation’, ‘Emerging World Order’, ‘Terrorism and Challenges to National Security’ and ‘Non-military Threats to National Security’ etc and the seminar is to be attended by 350 invitees, including 66 foreign delegates.

He also attributed the presence of the former President of Afghanistan as the keynote speaker to the inaugural sessions as a very notable feature in this year’s arrangements. He would be one of the most suitable persons to comment on the Seminar’s main theme, ‘National Security in the Context of Emerging Global Threats’, the Commander added.

Major General Jagath Dias adding a few words to the occasion told the Media that one should not forget the fact that army personnel who had been serving the north in the aftermath of the war had never been accused of any wrong-doing.

“Instead, those northern people have been reaching us for assistance all the time. That fact proves how effective our professional conduct is right throughout,” he said.


  1. A very professional Army Chief Lt Gen Crishantha De Silva, who hails from Combat Engineers, has been the right choice for the contemporary Army which needs to function without any political interference. Thanks to our Visionary President. As an ex-serviceman, I am very proud of the Commander and his team.

  2. Military is useless in Sri Lanka now as the President does not have a back bone. He is a slave of Chandrika who has no faith on Sri Lanka, she is basically a foreigner lives in UK.

    • i always see my3 in an upright position with no visible aid.. that fact will tell us that he is a vertebrae and seems to have a fully functional vertebra even metaphorically speaking.
      you need an eye test and a intellect test.

  3. When you come to the subject of the Northern People, that is the Tamil people reaching you for assistance all the time is nonsense. You may be reaching them for labour to build luxury hotels swimming pools and cultivation in their lands after chasing them by Arial bombardment. You have hidden to the world as to how many women and children and men killed in that bombardment. There are thousands of Tamil people languishing in camps and relatives homes and you are building hotels for you in their lands. There is one above you to punish you all. Time will tell. What is National Security without the people?

    • not all northern people are. do take off those blinkers that seem to cloud your everything. dont foeget to drop that chip on your shoulder too

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