Susil resigns from UPFA General Secretary post

Susil PremajayanthaUnited People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) member Susil Premajayantha has resigned as the General Secretary of the alliance.

Premajayantha has sent a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena informing him of his decision to resign, the President’s office said.

Professor Vishwa Warnapala is currently the acting General Secretary of the alliance.


  1. Susil from Miharana, Siripala from Balapitya-Now Buddla and Yapa of Katugampala are not honest and right thinking politician in Sri Lankan Freedom Party.
    Three of them are WORK FOR Injustices ;they ignored following Justice of Politics and mandate derived from the People Sovereignty.
    1 Justice of Democracy
    2 Justice of Law
    3 Justice of Party politics,
    These three are diverse ways of judging decision and this kind people that against verdicts of Parliamentary 2015 August 17 th.
    Line of their political not base on moral and Ethic, the very policy depend on Money ,Power & Position .Three of them look at social and society problems that not as Fair Deal of political democracy .

    They had been corrupted by SLFP – the leadership SRB, CBK & MS which was manipulation of political corruptions and dishonest to public in several decades .

    They promised one thing to Public and People doing entirely different thing their praticiesed .
    What happen these three persons in public politics of leading position of SLFP & UFPA?
    1 High crimes and misdemeanors of valued of democracy of Sri lanka.
    2 They betray trust of Parliamentary and voters of verdict of citizens.
    3 Undermined Sri lanka national character three of them has been dishonored
    4 The people of Sri lanka ,that republic constitution whose laws, rights and sovereignty of people have been subverted.
    5 Sri lanka civilization of their name and by virtue of ours accepts eternal laws and norms of JUSTICES been violated.
    Modern democracy of politics which replace SLFP feudal leadership back by CBK and MS that slowing changing Global politics of democracy ,by and large we have to have world standard Democracy.

  2. Susil took the right decision. Mythrrepala Sirisena is a Terrorist in politics, he had secret plans with UNP and LTTE while showing friendly face to everyone in SLFP/UFPA until last day before nominations. Now everyone is scared of him because of his Presidential powers not his good qualities. Sirisena said he has no interest in president post but is he doing what was promised during his campaign?

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