Resolution at NPC by Sivaji blocked by chair

Sivajilingam-01A resolution which was submitted at the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) today by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member M K Shivajilingam was blocked by the chairman of the council CVK Sivagnanam.

Shivajilingam said that the resolution calls for an independent international investigation into the war in Sri Lanka.

Sivagnanam had told the TNA member that the resolution cannot be debated today as it did not have the support of the council.

However Sivagnanam had then wanted to have the debate on another date but the chairman had not responded positively.

Shivajilingam told the Colombo Gazette that the stand of the TNA is that the investigation on the war should not be a domestic process.

He said that he and the TNA will continue to push for an international investigation to ensure the Tamils get justice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is this commiting Hara Kiri? So many surviving Tiger leaders and their benefactors operating from India, Sri Lanka and in Western Nations are guilty of war crimes for aiding and abetting the Tigers to commit gruesome crimes in Sri Lanka. Surely these people would be in the front line of any impartial investigations, if in fact such investigation would be impartial.

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