Government briefs US on domestic war crimes probe

06The Government today briefed the United States on the domestic process to investigate alleged war crimes, ahead of a critical report set to be released in Geneva.

Sri Lanka and the United States also reaffirmed a commitment to work towards reconciliation after the new Government took office.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera met visiting US Secretary of State Nisha Biswal and briefed her on the measures being taken to address concerns regarding alleged human rights violations, including independent domestic mechanisms.

Samaraweera told reporters after the meeting that Sri Lanka and the US continued the dialogue that began following the election of President Maithripala Sirisena in January.

“During our previous meeting and following my visit to Washington we agreed to rebuild our multifaceted relationship. Several new areas of cooperation were identified during the very successful visit of Secretary Kerry to Colombo in May this year. We discussed steps taken by the Government to promote reconciliation and strengthen the rule of law. This is part of the government’s overall objective of ensuring good governance, respect for human rights and strengthening our economy,” the Foreign Minister said.

Nisha Biswal said that she was in the country to reaffirm the strong support of the US for Sri Lanka, for the Sri Lankan people and for the commitment of the Sri Lankan Government and the Sri Lankan people towards the path of democracy.

Biswal, who met Justice Minister Wijeydasa Rajapaksha earlier in the day, said that the progress seen in Sri Lanka and the story which is unfolding, stands as a testimony to the rest of the world.

US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Tom Malinowski, who also attended the talks today with the Foreign Minister, said the US does not expect miracles from Sri Lanka within a short period of time.

Malinowski said the people of Sri Lanka have clearly stated that they support change and the Sri Lankan Government is working towards meeting the expectations of the people.

He said the US is willing to work with Sri Lanka to keep the process going forward so long as the Government of Sri Lanka keeps making courageous decisions . (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Victory of occupation of Sri lanka is not eternal.
    Even small nation lost their national identity ,there want be have any better prospect for US in our soil.

    Tamils are working for agenda of Eealm’s Hegemony by divided Island first and second phase division is Tamil Nadu back by US pivot Asia.

    Will Indian realized that the second largest division coming from Tamil Nadu will initiated by West?

    Is too late Indian-people to be realized problem of second division of their own nation come from Tamils of south back by US & west!

    Majority People of Sri Lankan lost confidence of US led anti-Sinhalese -Buddhist policy by fabricated and concord of ‘war crime’ by US and UNO-Human rights .

  2. The West will prove to Ranil and India how smart it is in due time. The US will make sure that no more pivoting towards China anymore. The Rajapaksas will be broken into even further. Fools think that they can handle the West by ignoring people like us; let’s see how far they can go 😉

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