UPFA members slam President on unity Government

Wimal WeerawanseA group of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) members today slammed UPFA Chairman and President Maithripala Sirisena over the loss the UPFA suffered at the Parliamentary election.

UPFA member and National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa said that while many claim the election was free and fair, the actions of the President meant the election was not completely fair.

The President, ahead of election day, had made public a letter he had sent former President Mahinda Rajapaksa saying he would not be made Prime Minister even if he wins the election.

Weerawansa said that the letter could have worked against Rajapaksa and the UPFA at the Parliamentary election.

He also said that the public did not vote for the UPFA or the United National Party (UNP) to form a National unity Government.

Weerawansa said that the public wanted either a UPFA Government or a UNP Government despite the UNP saying even before the election that it will form a National Government.

Meanwhile, UPFA member Udaya Gammanpila said that the UPFA will continue over the next five years and will not be abolished.

He said that some are of the opinion that the UPFA will not continue as some Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members are set to join the National Government.

However Gammanpila said that the UPFA will continue and will be a strong opposition voice in Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How can Weerawansa say public did not vote for the UNP to form a National Government. It was on the pledge given by the UNP to form a National Government to take the country forward that the people voted for UNP and the people of the President contesting from UPFA. Only the mentally deranged who voted for Weerawansa, Dinesh, Udaya, Vasu, Chokka Malli, and the other power hungry corrupt politicians did not want the National Government led by UNP because they want to be slaves to Rajapakse. It is only proper that those who voted for Rajapakse should be de-franchised as they are mentally incapable to think of a democratic, corrupt free Sri Lanka.

  2. It is NOT the UPFA that is joining with the UNF to form a National Government. It is the SLFP! He forgets that the people did not vote for the UNP members to cross over in 2010. The peolpe did not give the Rajapakse regime a 2/3 majority – it was disgracefully bought!! Weeawansa, Dinesh Gunawardene, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Gammanpilai et who are the political orphans, who have to cling to the UPFA for survival!

  3. Wimal is exactly correct. Sirisena manipulated UPFA loss by many means. Even election commissioner has to appeal to the media, not to broadcast his Sirisena’a video and 6 page long letter against Mahinda. Now Sira is trying to take Gota’s Civics rights off. Sira knows that Gothabaya will be a formidable Presidential candidate next time. Sira get invitations from East and North provinces to run for second term. How about that.

  4. Right and Voice of democracy of different opinion has to accepts of an opposition UPFA parties has been holding which that discard by current MS led regime.
    That is works against history of Parliamentary democracy since 1948 of new leadership of MS & CBK of SLFP.
    In fact democracy after the so-called “Rain bow revolution” 2015 January 9th and August 17th that accepted principles democracy has been denied by MS and CBK new pattern SLFP ‘s range – politics of hipcoracy of Democracy.

    CBK and MS hijack SLFP policies by using President rule of Executive powers to suppressed different party opinion, policy and their right to air their voice of the people; party members and its organization structure upsurge by in favors of assist to UNP leadership by MS and CBK.
    This is trend moving towards authoritarian of Junta type of politics against practices of democracy by SLFP since 1951 new leadership of MS and CBK mode of operandi..

    Tragedy of democracy has been appear and visiblelly first time since 2015 January the after MS, UNP-Ranil and CBK has been in charge of that undermined state of affairs ‘democracy governances’.

    Lost of ‘good governances’ is key political issues that phenomena shows unable to provide intellectual leadership in politics, economic and ideologies by MS & CBK led SLFP!

    By and larger that UPFA ‘s democracy forces and elements has to be address key issues democratic alternative set of policies and organization to protected rights of Sri Lankan .

    We want board set idea of democracy in the 21 century is a marvelous sane and insightful work that deserves to have a deep and wide -ranging influence Sri lanka’s society how moral and political democracy are practiced.

    Therefor ,is vested interest of Democracy & Justice by political parties policies, classes interest are key issues has to be address and set up by leadership of UPFA .

    In last general election UPFA has given largest mandate of 96 members of Parliament NOT to join with so-called national govt. with UNP. That was policy approved by People mandate for UPFA.

    Current President was elected by UNP backing ,and MS has betray SLFP cross over to UNP camp.

    How can such a person like that MS and CBK says to the MP’S of SLFP ,and well that dictator terms to betray Party mandate given majority voters by them against UNP government?
    And forced them to join UNP led policies. Policy versus UNP and SLFP are totally different ,while principle are dramatically an opposites.
    Represtantation of classes, basic interest of UNP analytical Westerns traditions .Work for past colonial economy educated exclusively justified US UK & Indian big power hegemony by UNP.
    How is that different policies are work together with UNP and SLFP?

    Is that democracy of SLFP? In my view instead of democracy governance that will closed to the Lumpenzation of democracy by MS CBK and UNP regime of governances.

    • There is a degree of validity in your position. Similarly same thing was carried out by the previous UPFA Leadership specially purchasing and encouraging auctioning of cross over of opposition of MP’s. Sarath Nanda Silva’s judgement has created a new cross over culture. One has to be elected to the Parliament from any party and thereafter show allegiance to the party in power, after blaming the leadership of his party. Some of them has learned lesson in this election like Paba, Seneviratne . DInesh vehementally opposed amendments to prevent cross overs during the recent amendments to the constitution.

  5. Sirisena is on a mission to destroy Sri Lankan democracy. Look at who are with him, they are Chandrika who is a “westerner” and Ranil the same. TNA is trying to do the same to Sri Lanka. There is no value of nice words used by Sirisena, as all the action he took during election are collective decisions of this “devil” group to achieve what they want.

  6. I am waiting to see this mad dog weerawansa go to jail for fraud embezzlement and all the other charges. He must also be made to pay for the use of manpower and materials when he built his placial houses. If rajapaksa came to power his wife would have been an ambassador. She had trial runs with her diplomatic passport.

  7. Sirisena is a covered as well a traitor He does not have a back bone to stand alone or act alone by him self preaching YAHAPLANAYA without any ethical [practice. He is the most crooked guy in politics, however Runil is much better politician than Sirisen.If RW do not get rid of this guy he is going to do the same to him too. This man is not a trust worthy ethical guy instead he would much more damages to cover the damages he has done

  8. It is sad to say that all politicians have skeletons in their cupboards – all are downright wrong doers in every sense of the word. They should realize this malady and discuss how they could really change by consensus, compromise etc and serve the country truly. These devils will never change. They will ruin this country

  9. Election commissioner is responsible for conducting just & fair election & allowing the letter to published e . MS was so furious to take revenge from MR knowing his victory was so sure & all evil action he did against his own party to loose the election. the current political chaos of horse trading to form the cabinet is real sri lankan soup made out by MS. MS now patching up the damages he did intentionaly as face saving effort. Appointing of Sanaga for HC posting is mockery of Yahapalanaya where he himself criticized 2 month ago appointing of NOn -diplomat for these posting. is it to fool Snaga & please cricket lovers.?

  10. Booruwansa you and your monkeys susil and other idiots should ve been fired long time go. Uneducated illeterate monkeys who has not even passed ordinary level education should not be allowed to participate in politics. Thats is the major mistake Mahinda rajavassa did. He took advice from failed thug thief baboon like you.

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