Sangakkara offered UK High Commissioner post

sanga1President Maithripala Sirisena today offered the post of Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Britain to former Sri Lanka cricketer Kumar Sangakkara.

The offer was made after Sangakkara retired from international cricket today at the end of the second Test between Sri Lanka and India.

Sangakkara said he was taken by surprise at the offer and will need time to think about it.


  1. Sirisena is suffering from dementia, Very poor understanding as a president to announce this type of foolish remarks in public; he should resign now,

  2. Kumar Sangakkara is a legend in his own right. He can help the people without getting involved in dirty politics or associate with self-centered politicians.

  3. The West goes to war, if diplomatic efforts are failed. Therefore, holding a diplomatic position is an extremely important role for the country’s development and also to maintain the region’s and world’s peace. Look how Sri Lankan donkeys handle the diplomatic positions.

  4. AHhh For What???? This is a joke he is a Good Cricketer but not High Commissioner material. This is the problem with our fools. Sports Ambassador yes but to be placed in a sensitive and high position playing cricket is not a qualification. If he is that Great then why does the President not resign and give the Post to Sanga???

  5. So whats the status of carrier DPL’s? Is is good that Sanga could speak good English and is educated. So positions of this stature is just given to any person that pleases the powers? What kind of Yahapalanaya is this?

    • The announcement was a decision of poor judgement, and whoever advised the President to do this should be cautioned. Had the post been offered and accepted and the announcement, made it would have been different,, but to make a public offer, gives an impression that our foreign ambassadors are appointed off the cuff at the will and pleasure of people in power! Does not reflect well on our diplomatic processes, and will certainly raise eye brows in diplomatic circles. Bad show what !
      I really hope Sanga refuses the job.

  6. Have you ever heard the West appoints sportsmen for diplomatic postings? No wonder why you have been under the West for centuries and no chance of coming out it 😉

    • Are you still bitter about being unable to find a job in Sri Lanka despite your Australian qualifications, work experience and two research papers “equivalent” to two PhDs? (Yes, I read your blog post. Btw, were these papers published in reputed peer reviewed international journals? Was your undergraduate degree from a G8 university? Were you awarded first class honours? Just a couple of things to think about.)

      Well, I have some news for you. There are plenty of Sri Lankan graduates who have reputed PhDs (from local and foreign universities) and multiple publications competing for those same jobs. I.e: There are people better qualified than you in Sri Lanka. *gasp* I know, it’s quite the revelation, isn’t it?

      Wake up. Sri Lanka hasn’t been a colony for nearly 70 years and we value our own people, their capabilities and qualifications. It is ironic that you criticize Sri Lanka for supposedly being “under the West”. Yet you expect Sri Lankans to bend over backwards to accommodate your Western qualifications. You make no sense.

      • @AL.. Yes so qualified with all that ‘Educated people’ and institutions, Hence still a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, Had a 30 year Civil war started by the’ Highly Educated class’ for political power and personal gain rather than putting the nation first. All those PhD’s and cannot even become a industrial nation. that my friend is a ‘miracle of Asia’

      • Dear AL,

        I have proved something to foolish Prabhakaran and Mahinda. I will do the same to Mangala and Ranil; if I have to prove something to them as well.

      • Antony Peter is a no hoper living off the dole in New Zealand tax payer. One thing wrong in new Zealand is they will let any riff raff in if they call them self refugee. He is a Sinhalese & West hating moron who live in a western country.

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