Sir Desmond’s mandate was not extended

Sir DesmondThe Government has not extended the mandate given to the Advisory Council headed by Sir Desmond de Silva which was appointed to give legal advice to the Presidential commission of inquiry on missing persons head by former judge Maxwell Paranagama.

Sir Desmond de Silva said that the appointment of the Advisory Council of international lawyers was only until the 15th August and the term has not been extended.

“All the required legal advice having been given to the Paranagama Commission by Sir Geoffrey Nice  QC (UK) , Professor David M Crane ( USA) and a host of university professors specialising in the law of armed conflict , and myself, that Advisory Council is no longer in existence,” Sir Desmond de Silva said.

He noted that the Paranagama Commission, in addition , had the advantage of having the advice of one of the most distinguished Generals from the British Army as to the events that unfolded at the end of the war in May 2009.

Sir Desmond de Silva said that it is hard to see any other Commission that has had such a wealth of advice to assist it on in coming to its conclusions.

Earlier some concerns had been raised over the credibility of the Advisory Council which was appointed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and so the new Government was urged not to extend the mandate of the Council. (Colombo Gazette)

Report by Easwaran Rutnam


  1. The advisory panel’s credibility has been damaged badly by the activities of Desmond de Silva. The Paranagama commission’s report will not be unbiased because of this. Rajapaksa’s sole intention in appointing an advisory panel with biased characters such as Desmond de Silva is to whitewash the whole thing. The whole process is beyond repair and should be abandoned and a new fairer system of investigation should be started by the new yahapalanaya government.

    • Sir desmond has high credentials as a great unbiased and fearless lawyer. He is well regarded by the international community. The anger of the Tiger lobby against desmond because he could not be influenced to support the separatists, is not going to damage his reputation.

  2. We thank Sir Desmond de Silva and others for the valuable service provided to the Commission, to negate the fabrications and false allegations levelled against the armed forces which defended the nation against terrorists. Non-extension of their mandate under Ranil is not a surprise as he always displayed fear to go against the wishes of the powerful Tiger lobby. This is why the majority community discriminated by the Tiger supporters, wanted Rajapakse’s return to continue with the peace and development process rather than give in to petty politics of the Tiger separatists.

      • No Sinkalam. You dont even know what conflict of interest means . Desmond has a history of defending Killers for blood money. If in doubt ask the parents of the black teenager Steven Lawrence.

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