Several Chinese projects still under review

Port-CityPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says Chinese projects launched by the previous regime are being reviewed but some projects have already been cleared.

The Prime Minister was responding to a question raised by a foreign journalist while having a chat after the Prime Minister met the media briefly last week after winning the Parliamentary election.

“We are reviewing it and we have already started some of them. We will decide on the other projects as well. The process is on,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that Sri Lanka’s foreign policy will be discussed with Parliament in order to reach the best possible policy framework.

“We will discuss all our foreign and internal policies when the President convenes parliament on September 1. All matters will be discussed with the parry leaders and we will debate on what should be the basic policy framework,” he said.

Asked how he intends on balancing ties with India and China, the Prime Minister said that Sri Lanka will work with both countries based on its foreign policy. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Chinese are very patient people.
    It is also a succesful economy and they look to earn to prop up their economy unlike the west not through the back door of Q/E.

    China knows how to work towards reviving their economy and to strive to maintain a GDP that is usefull for the momentum of their progress.
    The well being of Chinese economy is very important to the world progress. Unlike the Western economies, China economists are neither reckless nor brash.
    Right now China is experiencing a temporary set back and everyone could see its ripple effects in every major Country in the world.
    It is clear China holds the key to the well being of the world economy.

    It is however sad, how China & developments were rediculed when the Yahapalanaya came to power in Jan/2015 when rest of the world were inviting China to invest in their coutries to shore up their economies.

    Yahalapanaya ridiclued China to appease India and the West. lets see how they will come forward to assist yahapalanaya. So far only noises.

    That Port City Project should have gone on. China wanted a portion because they were going to supplement the losses that were going to incurr constructing the Northern express way.
    Yahapalanaya would not talk of the amount of Land given to the Americans to establish the VOA in Chilaw.
    Nobody coul;d get near. lets see that agreement in that case.
    China did not ask for prime land but a portion they were going to create.
    Disgusting Yahapalanaya.

    • Wonder why all these Chinese are trying to get the hell out of China to West are they so desperate some even become illegals immigrants in Sri Lanka.

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