Rosy confirms she rejected diplomatic posting

RosyFormer United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Rosy Senanayake has confirmed that she had rejected a diplomatic posting offered to her.

Senanayake, who lost the Parliamentary election last week, said that she feels she needs to remain close to the public despite losing the election.

“I understand I can do a lot for my country as a diplomat but I do not want to distance myself from the people who voted for me,” she said.

The former Minister said that she had also raised concerns over the counting of preferential votes.

She said that her representatives who were at the counting stations had noted discrepancies in the number of votes she had received according to the formal list as opposed to the numbers sen by her representatives. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I cannot understand this policy of giving diplomatic posts to people who have lost in the elections. Diplomatic positings should be for people oin the diplomatic services and who have the necessary education for it. Rightly or wrongly she has lost the lections people did not want her. So she should accept defeat and consentrate on something else. Any way not it is time that Sri Lankan leaders stopped giving posts to these singers actors and beauty queens and concentrate on putting educated experience people in these offices. Even people should stop sending actors singers and beauty queens to parliament. The country needs educated people

  2. A definite voice that need to be in the Parliament. Loosing a battle by contesting in a general election is great. Getting into parliament without contesting but through National List is a crime. National list should be allocated to the best loosers and not to best funders or backers.

  3. So those you supported and worked hard let you down. Maithree is showing his true ‘yahapalana’ colors. Please take legal action to expose this fraud.

  4. The much used saying “There is honour even amomg thieves”unfortunately does not apply to politics and politicians.In the cut-throat world of proportional representation the good and decent folk sometimes miss out due to sheer bad luck or for some higher or better calling.Rosy Senanayake fought the good battle and should have been one of the first to get home.But this time she missed out but it’s obvious she has much to offer to the people due to her sincere commitment to serve the people not herself under the guise of public service like some of the useless rogues who have been elected.Your days will come Rosy hold on tight to your good values.Thank you for the marked intelligence and decency displayed in your tireless campaigning for the party.Your non election is the loss of the people and in particular the cause of women and children that has been neglected for so long.

  5. You can request for a recount of the preferencial vote for a small fee,if you don’t think it was done correctly or get a court order for recount

    Next , it’s best if they oppoint you as Srilankan airline chairperson so you can clean up the corruption and sexual harassment of our young woman in that organization
    Go Rosy go !!!! Go and clean it up please

    • [Good decision Rosy, tell them to make you as an MP or go to hell ]
      This from a pseudo intellectual LTTE sympathizer Antany Peter from Wellington New Zealand who never had any thing good to say about any Sinhalese and demean all Sinhalease as modaya’s and describe all Sinhalese women as good for nothing. Stop patronising Sinhala women you Burk you are not worthy to wash their feet.

      • Keep hiding yourself and make useless comments. Of course your comments have been adored in Sri Lanka, which has been fighting since 1948. You have no chance of publishing your comments in Singapore. No wonder why Singapore has advanced.

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