President gives SLFP members freedom to choose

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has decided to allow Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members to choose if they want to join the National Government or sit in the opposition.

SLFP member Namal Rajapaksa said that the SLFP Central Committee had informed the party members that they can choose between sitting in the opposition or being part of the National Government with the United National Party (UNP).

“I choose to sit in the opposition as a part of the SLFP representing Hambantota,” he tweeted.

The SLFP and the United National Party had last week signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together in a National Government.

It was later reported that disciplinary action will be taken against any SLFP member who sits with the opposition in Parliament.

However now the President has decided to allow SLFP members who want to sit with the opposition the freedom to do so while others sit with the Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. *I wonder whether Sirisena is the President of SLFP & UPFA or the President of the country.If he is the president of the country, he should be neutral and sort out country’s problems, instead he has wasted 8 months, the end product is two messed up parties. What a genius with forty odd years of political experience

  2. you can sit & shit in the oppisition we dont care. becuase you & your father ( Rajapaksa familly ) have no shame.

  3. You cussed moron – stay wherever the hell you’re loading in a sudda’s rent house and do not ever return to this country. There’s no good coming from you moronic expats but hatred and arrogance which we have had enough for the past few years. Gullible idots like you who would create unwarranted political tension ought to just keep out of SL for good.
    Good riddance.

    • Your mean the crimes commuted by LTTE and their supports like you? That includes assassination of former PM of India, President of Sri Lanka, hundreds of politicians, and over 65,000 innocent civilians

  4. Last election won by MR led ruling alliance 93 members of Parliament has given mandate NOT to join coalition with UNP-Wickramsinghe and CBK of Tamil decedent -SLFP .

    President has no authority to asked member of SLFP force to join alliance with UNP!
    That is non of his business of President !
    SLFP is different politics , classes , roots are entirely different from UNP, they cannot join UNP Govt. under the leadership of Ranil Wickrmasinghe.

    There is no need for so-called National or coalition govt. with UNP ruling party.

    SLFP is the party headed by MR who defeated LTTE Tamil terrorist year 2009 May. Current coalition with UNP and SLFP is impenetrable.

    Party of SLFP who bring Unity and Peace for
    Sri Lanka which that end the WAR 30 years initiated by UNP .

    SLFP that under the leadership of MR after end of WAR build new development of projects – new nation .
    UNP had been done nothing what they did irreducible damages to our country, nation and people since 1977.

    JRJ-Ranil led UNP who initiated WAR since 1977.
    The accountability of war must go to UNP. leadership.

    Current coalition between UNP-SLFP -CBK that will be imperil to Sovereignty , Democracy and Unity of our nation.

    • I think you should go to the stone age. One thing is that none of the crooks should be allowed to be in the cabinet.

  5. If you did this on the day you became president from UNP and votes, SLFP could have won the general election. Instead Sirisena and Chandrika went on “taking revenge” frenzy against Rajapaksa. Now nothing left in SLFP to continue until someone like Rajapaksa rescue it. Most idiotic dictator!

  6. Does not make any difference whether SLFP MP s
    sit with the National Govt or with the Opposition.

    They will rob the country dry !!! under the watchful eyes
    of the spineless President MS

    Good luck Sri Lankans…A British Citizen
    formerly a Sri Lankan

  7. people do not care where these bunch of criminal are going to sit. no matter what site they sit they all are criminals.

  8. This is a good and healthy democratic way instead of the chairman of the party Sirisena trying to enforce his executive presidency powers on his own party which he did not anyway want to win at the elections. He must realize that the party lost Polonnaruwa his own district due to his irresponsible action towards the party based on petty animosity towards MR.

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