Asanthi: More than just an actress

IMG_4745Asanthi Ransinghe, known for her acting skills, proves that she is much more than that. Fondly known as Ashi, she continues in her studies, work and teaching while she’s in front of the silver screen. Discovered at a very young age by a film director, Asanthi began her career as a child actress in a movie.

Currently, while doing her acting duties, she’s also continuing in her studies, lecturing at the finishing academy and is exploring healthy living. She believes in looking after herself and says ‘I mostly stick to a veggie diet and am into organic foods and products. I have 10 years of experience as a skin expert and that really helps when looking after my looks. I am very concerned about what I intake and I also follow water therapy. I also go for regular body massages’.

Discussing her career, she said ‘actually I am always day dreaming about acting. No one knows what my true talent is yet. I am actually waiting for the right character for me. I started acting in 1998 but I took a break to continue with my studies. I started back again in small screen in 2008. 10 years away made a big difference. A lot was changed in the industry. It’s not always a good thing for artists, industry or to the fans. So we’ll see’. She’s also a brilliant dancer – ‘I learnt dancing with Mr Channa when I was at school, but then never got the change to go further in dancing. I still dance to the rhythm of my heart’.

Asanthi also discussed her love for fashion – ‘With regard to fashion, I mostly choose branded materials. I love wearing designer clothes. I think, as Sri Lankans, we are way behind compared to other countries when it comes to trends. However, for me as an actress and a public figure, need to set an example for the society. So I pick my clothes carefully. I believe fashion should make sense and not be IMG_4857nonsense. In my travels, I have seen the fashion trends of the world. Country to country, season to season, their fashions change, but in a country like ours the new fashion comes a bit late or our market it too small and slow’.

For what she’s doing in her future, she discussed ‘my future plan is to complete the MBA and to become a nutritionist. As an actress, I want to show more talent in the field. Currently I’m working with a few scripts, and maybe even produce a movie. Few tele-dramas are ready to be shown soon too.’

Coming to the last topic of love and marriage, she believes ‘love and marriage is not a topic for me to talk in public. I think love and marriage should be a very personal matter. All I have to say is this beautiful bond should be forever to each heart’.
What is the one thing you cannot live without? I can’t live without my knowledge.


Hollywood star – Sandra bullock
Bollywood star–Vidya Balan
Sri Lanka star- Jacqueline Fernandez
Favourite drink – Nicely boiled filtered water
Favourite food – Mushroom and cauliflower
Favouritecolour – Anything in green – cos it represents nature and white – symbol of purity
Favourite lip colour – Pink . Because it suits my lips.
Favourite book – The book thief

Pics by Thushara Sanjeewa


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