Climbing up the ladder of success

Kavisha Kavindi Premabandu  (6)By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Kaveesha Kavindi Premabandu, the daughter of actress Dilani Abeywardena and singer Saman Pushpawarna is slowly climbing up the ;adder of success. Kaveesha Kavindi was born on September 12th, 1996 in Colombo but is currently living in New York, USA.

‘My parents are doing well, they are well settled here. They’re very outgoing and I guess I got it from them. I’m not shy, and I’m very loud. I talk to everyone and I make friends easily’. She said explaining her bond with her parents. Currently, she is working in a retail company while waiting to start her second year in university for her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business.

Her voice is just as amazing as her father and she has already recorded her single in June named ‘Samanalee’ written by Ananda Padmasiri and composed by Sanjula Himala. Her first song was ‘MandaramAdure’ with Kanishka Salinda. She is planning to do a music video for ‘Samanalee’ based in New York.

She spoke of acting and the Sri Lankan film industry – “ever since I was small, I loved acting and being in the field. I loved watching my mom. I would go behind my mom while she goes for shooting and beg her to let me act, but she wouldn’t let me. Sometimes when I go to the locations with her, the directors would ask me to go for small extra roles to make me happy. Now my mom has given me permission to 5fb50508act. I will happily accept good offers and if it’s during my university holidays. I think the present field in Sri Lanka is just as great as before. There’s a lot of talent and competition since there are so many new faces. My favourite actor right now is Kavinga Perera because he can portray any character given to him very well.”

As a beautiful and strong girl, she is into healthy living and keeping fit. ‘I maintain myself mainly by food and exercise. My breakfast would consist of oatmeal with almond milk and sliced bananas, lunch would be brown rice with fish or chicken breast and vegetable, and dinner would be salad. My favourite is lettuce, dried cranberries, feta cheese, red onions, walnuts and chicken breast with a dressing of balsamic vinegar. For snacks, I eat fruits and Greek yoghurt.  For my hair and body, I use coconut oil and olive oil. For my face, I use face creams by Lancôme cosmetics. I do home facials when I feel the need to, my favourite blend is turmeric powder, egg whites and squeezed lemon. Also, drinking water and green tea is very important to me. My favourite food is sushi, drink is ‘thambili, colour is ‘red’ and my favorite lipstick shade as well as gel eye liner are from the brand NARS.’

“In the future I hope to open up my own textile business. I also hope to be a fulltime actress. For marriage, I think a proposal is the best because I believe in horoscopes a lot, and my parents can find someone for me better than I can. I think the age of 25 is the ideal age to get married and I still have about 6 years more.”