GTF to push for political solution for Tamils

GTF1The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) says it will seek the full support of the international community, including India, to help implement the legitimate demands of the Tamil people through a negotiated political solution.

The London based leading diaspora group said  the Tamil people are anxious to see a political solution on the basis of the Tamil National Alliance’s manifesto commitments to the long standing Tamil national question

GTF says the Tamil people have given the TNA, and its leader R. Sampanthan, a strong mandate to negotiate a political solution.

“The Tamil people have also sent a clear message to the new Sri Lankan government and to the international community that they are firmly behind the TNA and its leadership.  It is clear that the Tamil people are anxious to see political solution on the basis of TNA’s manifesto commitments to the long standing Tamil national question, to ascertain truth and accountability through the full and honest implementation of the relevant UN resolutions and processes, and to address the matters of immediate concerns for the Tamil people without any further delay,” GTF said.

The GTF noted that as an organization that has worked with the TNA for several years, it will seek the full support of the international community, including India, to help implement the legitimate demands of the Tamil people through a negotiated political solution.

“The ‎citizens of Sri Lanka have once again voted for positive change in Sri Lanka, and to consolidate the progressive change that began with the January 8th 2015 presidential election.‎ GTF also congratulates Ranil Wickramasinghe, the leader of the United National Party, and President Sirisena on this remarkable election outcome and is hopeful that they will continue the progressive work of the last eight months with more vigour and purpose,” the GTF added.

GTF reiterated its commitment to recognize and respect the wishes of the Tamil people, and to work with TNA and all other relevant stakeholders to achieve equality, justice, peace, respect and prosperity for Tamil people. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. rev.dr.emmanuel if this new government was only a unp g.under hon. r.w. probably their would be a solution acceptable to the tamils.unfortunately it is the slfp has joined this so called national g..president siriesna has made a very good tactical move to prevent hon r.w. the biggest danger is this sinhale Buddhist nationalistic party the jhu.,and the jvp although not in the government.rev.dr e. please do not forget h.e.sirisena was with mahinda and his mindset is not different from m.r.i do wish a federal system in s.l. without merging e.p. with the n.p.,with police and land rights. boih of us living in Germany do know federal system is not separation and the best.any way good luck.ranjit demel berlin colombo

  2. There is no major issues with Tamils now as they have a representation in the parliament. Do not make an issues as you are now united under one flag, one nation as Sri Lankans. So get the f@##$% Tamil banner out of your heads and think like Sri Lankans and do your part to mother lanka and the world. All you have done is to cry poor and tell the world you are not given equal rights. How about the Tamils in Wellawatte, Sea street running the gold shops? Shut the f@#$% up and get on with life. The f@#$ing war is over and you killed your young by recruiting children to fight. You took kids away form their parents forcefully to fight the war and destroyed the next generation. Hence the damage you caused is mammoth. We do not need the runaway Tamils to tell us how to run the country or f@#$ing India. The Indians who shits on the roads, rape young girls and treat the females like door mats is going to advise us. Get real. We Sri Lankans got much more culture and a civil heritage to manage our own and f@#$off and stay in your patch.

  3. Get real chaps, especially Fr. Emmanuel and those of his ilk. (eg Sampanthan, Suresh et al)

    Most Tamils live in Sinhalese areas. (This is excluding the near 1 million tea estate Tamils who live in Sinhalese areas). A lot of Tamils live in large, expensive houses in Col. 3, 4, 6,7,8 and Kotahena. Also in Kandy and else where, often doing really well; professionals (benefitting from free education from mother Lanka) and businessmen earning a lot of money from the Sinhala fools/modayas. (Kawun kanna soorayas).

    Fr Emmanuel was a reject. Rejected by both the Jaffna AND Mannar diocese for the post of bishop. He never recovered from this double rejection (one rejection would have been bad enough) and has lot of psychological problems as a consequence. So always stirring things up and causing problems, especially for the poorTamil people who just want to get back to normal life after Velu’s nightmare. Fr Emmanuel even saved Velus life by spreading anti IPKF propaganda in 1987 onwards instead of letting the Indian army finish off Velu, instead let the nightmare drag on for another 22 years!!!

    Please let the Sinhalese and decent Tamils live in peace and intermarry as they once did in large numbers (eg Vijaya marrying Tamil princess and 700 Tamil wives for his buddies 2600 years ago!). 53% of genes are the same.

    Mahinda Rajapakse failed to resettle 28,0000 Sinhalese who lived in Jaffna before 1981.

    Also how come Tamil leaders like Sampanthan say North and East are areas of Tamils. I though whole country belonged to Vaddha people/Vanniyala attho.


  4. Trincomalee & Ampara the Voted for UNP.. The Crown of the East Trincomalee rejected the TNA outright. So claims of East giving a mandate to the TNA is wrong apart from Batticaloa. But there is No east witout the Crown.

    • could it be because of the sinhala settlement, the army and their families also the Tamil people are been driven away from their own land

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