SLFP decides to join National Government

01The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has decided to join the National Government to be formed by the United National Party (UNP).

The SLFP Central Committee, which met today with SLFP head and President Maithripala Sirisena, had agreed to be part of the National Government, SLFP member Nimal Siripala de Silva said.

Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the SLFP will be in the National Government for two years and will work with other political parties in the Government to address key issues.

SLFP member A.H.M. Fowzie said that a committee has been appointed under former President Chandrika Kumaratunga to work on a policy framework under which the SLFP will work in the National Government.

The committee, which includes Nimal Siripala de Silva, will also decide on the number of portfolios which need to be allocated to the SLFP in the Government.

“If the National Government concept is successful it will continue after two years. If not then the SLFP will withdraw at the end of two years,” Fowzie said.

Prime Minister designate Ranil Wickremesinghe had yesterday sought the support of all political parties represented in Parliament to work together on National issues.

Wickremesinghe who ousted former President Mahinda Rajapakse and the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the parliamentary polls said that he would now put forward a national plan which would require all parties to work together.

“We want everyone to come together now. Think of the country and think of the people. We can achieve unity and progress in this country if we work together even for two to three years for the sake of the people,” he said.

“Together with the president and all party leaders we will be looking forward to having a new era of politics and government in this country,” he added.

Wickremesinghe is to take oaths tomorrow as Prime Minister after which his new Cabinet will be appointed. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is our new authoritarian President’s decision and not that of the majority. No strong opposition means, more corruption and will help to put under the carpet the recent major scams and appointments made to high positions. Wonder what Rev Sobitha would say as he claims to campaign for good governance. This will also mean that the leader of the opposition could be from the TNA, who would support Chandrika’s partisan recommendations.

  2. So business as usual if they join will the gravy train will slow down for them to get in. Weerawansa must be banging on the door shouting let me in. What of Karuna Amman will he least be given Deputy Minister post. What a colourful ensemble of Muppets to paraphrase Marven Attapattu if this happens most diverse ray of so called trusted, ethical, honourable, self sacrificing. bunch of politicos that the rest of the world only can dream about. I see some hope for divine blessing me think this is even out of God’s pay check.

  3. Can we all stop judging each other and think of our Nation.Please think of the younger generation and try to be an example with a give and take attitude. My one prayer is that our Nation be blessed by honest politicians.

  4. There is no possibility of UNP and SLFP join govt. at all ongoing situation.
    No comprised policy between which UNP anti-national and Western oriented principles & pro- Indian and SLFP national policies are like that hell and haven; those two party interest are dramatically in opposites interest .
    How can such parties work together?

    UNP is the classes of politics that denied ,National Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Independence of Lanka.

    At any cost UNP leader is not accept values of majority democracy of our nation.
    The current UNP leadership against Economic development and do not ensure & enlarge rights of democracy for the People.

    The crux of matter such parties cannot work join hand ,that is more difficult job.

  5. Yahapalanaya will appoint anout 100 strong Cabinet as they have satisfy everybody for this bankrupt move of National Government. This is the first false promise by Yahapalanaya.

    Let us observe the other promises given falling behind within no time and everything will be collapsed in less than two years.

    By that time, peole will realize what a great Leader Mahinda Rajapasha is.

  6. VERY good move.But should operate a program of trapping culprits, and plan and execute inteligent activities that cannot be challenged in a court of law.An immediate need is to take steps to transfer Sc.and Tech, knowledge to the people, and also launch work shops to enlighten on the duties and rolae play of elected parliamentarian.-At the moment it has been-THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY SHOULD DO.

  7. How many ministers? That is what is important for SLFP.
    Stupid idea. Siripala wants a portfolio, That is all. How about giving MHR Sheriff MoH.

  8. This move could lead to a god governance or it may create situation that the government with much more difficulties in implementing needed changes and reforms as it will be hard to convince the members of the coalition to take part in them. Which will in turn could end up in dissolving the coalition and going for new elections. It is too early to be judgemental on that subject. But it is time for all the Sri-lankans to learn that politics are all about compromises in a Democracy. To make it through with compromisses one should be more broad minded and beable to see it throug the situation. I wish all the best to the new government and all the members.

  9. It is good idea but lot of members in SLFP are racial minded and they won’t allow the good government to work out key issues. At first the good government has to eliminate all the criminals from the politics. For example EPDP still able to win in North with the blood stained hand

  10. We pray and hope under Mr.Clean’s Premiership all will work unitedly and make this Country Prosperous and blessed one and eradicate all vices that is prevalent today in our society.

  11. Ranil & Chandrika will strat from 2005. Only Prabhakaran will not be in the sean. But they will do the rest and aim for the Nobel Peace Award!

  12. This is a very good move by the President and the Prime Minister to put the country on the right track. This could pave the way for formulating a National Policy encompassing all spheres such as Education, Economy, Health, Religion and Communal Harmony, etc with the support of all political parties. This should not lead to a burden on the masses by formation of Jumbo Cabinets to satisfy individuals or abandoning investigations against corruption, murder, bribery, etc etc to get the backing of some politicians. All thieves should be directed behind bars and they have no place in a peoples parliament. Hope Prime Minister and President will not compromise.

  13. At last, the country is on the right path. Hopefully this will help to eliminate the differences in the Sri Lankan Society at grassroots level

  14. Best decision has taken by SLFP at the movement. Work to gather and try to initiate new paradigm at least until short time period. National government will can short out many problems. Also both parties and their leaders must take care their own members and their abnormal behavior when they going to work. Specially UNP will have more responsibility to protect national government concept in practices.

  15. This is a historic moment I hope good sense will prevail for the sake of the country which has been robbed by both sides in the past.Lets work to eradicated poverty that majority of Sri Lankans face every day.

  16. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

    Congratulations Ranil and keep up the good work, I think you are steering Sri Lanka in the right direction.

  17. We Sri Lankans are very fortunate to have the present President. You cannot forget the Election Commissioner’s Office & the Police Dept: how well they discharged there duties. This is the first Election I have seen since 1977 to be the most peaceful. When the Head of the Nation stands steady the rest follows. It is like a family. The President should have a certain amount of powers with regard to the Cabinet. Good to have a National Government & hope all will cooperate leaving aside petty differences & develop Sri Lanka for the sake of the future generations to come.

  18. The move is good.But I suspect the FCID now will dissolve as they cannot charge them when supporting the government.! What a pity!

    • Yes it is a good move. It is a bad move to culprits. I do not think FCID will be dissolved because country is watching every move. Country first, Party second, Individuals third and Criminal dealt on the process.

    • FCID will be further strengthened by Parliamentary Act by giving more powers than other division to combat corruption.

  19. Well Done the president! And all the best for Ranil for trying to accommodate all parties interested in the betterment of the country.There will be opponents and saboteurs as usual. They should not be allowed to hinder the path to Yahapalanaya. These are the crooks of the previous regime and have to be dealt with. They can’t go unpunished for robbing colossal amounts from us!
    Ranil seems very accommodating.The respect to other parties, sans the crooks, must be maintained for this process to be successful.
    We the people too need to think non-partisan and avoid unnecessary work stoppages to help the government in this endeavour! We need to obey the rules and regulations whether we are on the road driving or in any public place or even at home.Many do care but some do not. The road rules should be adhered to to start with and the bus drivers stick to speed limits. The police implement the law to all alike and effectively. Then we will jump one step to the next level of development.

  20. In Sri Lanka, National Government is a pet word used by cynical politicians to take voters for a ride and maximize benefits for them!!

    • This concept has already benefited opposition and government members unlikely previously where government treated opposition members like a shit.

  21. Everything with National Government is OK but Chandrka should not be there, she is poison to Sri Lanka who ran away after destroying the country during her time.

  22. First and formost let me say Congratulations!!! to UNP & SLFP for joining to a national government.

    We Sri Lanka citizens are waited for this opportunity comes for a long time.

    We need YAHAPALANAYA to continue, that is why we all citizens decided to send Corruptions ministers to go home,

    My humble request as a citizen please select clean ministers to the National Governmet. and please bring all the corruption ministers for justice and if they guilty punish them through the court law.

    We all citizens need to leave a peace and harmony life.

    may god bless to the National Government

    • So, How does it ensure responsible use of public money and legislations for best interest? Where will the voice and counter actions come in the event of incorrect behavior ?. Do not simply think that the new govt. is going to act in the best interest of the public and country at all times. It would be stupid to put the vehicle on the road without breaks and think the gears will control the vehicle to safety. Lot of promises are made from the past. How ever the actions and behaviors prooved different on many occations. Right now majority of Sri Lankans are in a beautiful dream where there is propper good governance, no corruption, people friendly government, economic prospirity, pockets filled with cash, media freedom, right to information and voice, etc.. I hope we do not have to weak up. I know the reality too.

      • Powers can be removed even with 2/3 majority as UNP will able to get the support of President’s allies – Thus no need referendum unless if 2/3 majority disagrees then a referendum is necessary.

        But Maithripala’s powers will remain until the end of his office even if executive powers are abolished they will still remain with him until he resigns as President. The new president after Maithripala will not have same powers as the old one, but Prime Minister’s powers will be further strengthened for these who comes after Wickremesinghe.

    • This will strengthen the powers and hands of not only Sirisena but those of every citizen. May God bless the leaders of the government and every one in our island.

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