MR rejects opposition leader post in Parliament

MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa has refused to sit as the opposition leader in Parliament.

Rajapaksa says he will sit as an ordinary Parliamentarian in the opposition despite getting the highest number of votes for the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

Yesterday Rajapaksa announced that he has decided to continue to engage in politics despite losing the attempt to become Prime Minister.

“I accept with humility, the result of the parliamentary election that just concluded and I thank the voters who placed their confidence in our party despite the unprecedented obstacles that we had to face. I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the activists and the people’s representatives of our party who worked indefatigably in the election campaign,” Rajapaksa had said in a brief statement.

He had said that will continue to engage in politics in keeping with the people’s mandate and will function within parliament to safeguard the nation and the democratic system. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Now its time for MR to retire and quit politics, enjoy retirement happily and do some good work for the general public.

    • Fully agree. Whatever the past actions people criticize and some may be true, you have also done some good things that’s why you still had a huge number of votes. Be happy with that only one can win. How about keeping a low profile and do something to the needy and poor, with your own resources, to whom, regardless of the nationality or religion needs a lot of support and help and kindness for many things. It is time for us to move forward as good Sinhalese, Buddhists and get the respect from our young and also of the world for our maturity as a nation. In the past when we had Sinhalese kings they had Muslims as chief Physicians, Tamils in their army hierarchy, trusted with their lives, we need to move as a country, not as a nation with divisive politics. People genuinely had difficulties that is why we had terrorism both Sinhalese and Tamil, main reasons were mis communication, unemployment and poverty. The Buddha said that past is gone and finish, live now, look at the present and move forward. You will be remembered for that by many Sri Lankans in time to come good actions with good thoughts will never die.

  2. It is very clear , he has a hidden agenda in his statement. In future parliament must be cautious to take additional measures to refrain its members may change the sides. He will try his best to oppose certain parliament acts and implementation of laws and will bribe anyone with his stolen wealth to purchase MPs.

  3. Dear Mr Rajapaksa, please wait few more months until the corrupted crooks hang themselves, so people will realise who the real leader is. Whether you are a normal parliamentarian or not everyone needs you to be in politics to rescue the country from “Internal Terrorists” this time.

    • This is guy is still hallucinating could not be cured. Will need psychiatric evaluation. For havens sake give Ranil 2 yrs to recover our motherland from the mess created by your leader Mr Mahina Rajapaksa

  4. Mahinda Rajapakese is accepted national leader of all Sri Lankan .
    It does matter where sit in Parliament ,as long as he is Great leader of People of Sri lanka decades to come.

    He will remain hero our nation who united, that an Island of Sri Lanka after 600 years foreign invaders of South Indian Dravidian and 425 of colonial rule of White Races.

    MR name has gone to history of Island of Sri lanka as real leader of 2600 years of Sinhalese -Buddhist civilization in the world.

    Despite all fabricated allegation concord by enemies of our nation against, MR will be absolve by history time to come.

  5. Former President’s commitment and truthful to his people will show how he chooses the intellectuals to serve the country through the national list; instead of bringing back foolish and corrupted politicians who are rejected by the people.

    • Antany Peter you think reason for this is that he know his days are numbered that you are taking MR & his supporter from New Zealand to ICJ in Haig with in weeks now the election is over.

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