Handunetti, Mayadunne picked by JVP for National List

sunil handuettiFormer Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Parliamentarian Sunil Handunetti and former Auditor General Sarachandra Mayadunne have been picked by the JVP as the National List members of Parliament.

Handunetti lost the 2015 Parliamentary election despite being very vocal in Parliament before the polls held this week.


  1. JVP was political party who had been destroy our valued democracy by means and act of Terrorism in politics since 1965.
    We have to evaluated such party will not working for democracy.

    What ever said and done Majority People has not given any substantial mandate for JVP.

    What ever the person come under the JVP member of Parliament ,it does matter his background may be ‘clean’ but he or she is the in the wrong Party will undermined right to vote for the People of Sri lanka.
    No doubt JVP had proved it action of politics serve last 50 years that party was anti-establishment, anti-democracy and anti-progressive outfit.

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