EU tells new Government to ensure accountability

EU 3_CIThe European Union (EU) has urged the new Government to ensure  accountability and genuine national reconciliation takes place in Sri Lanka.

A spokesperson at the EU office in Brussels said that parliamentary elections on 17 August in Sri Lanka were genuine, well administered and peaceful overall and the people of Sri Lanka came out to vote in high numbers, confirming their support for continued democratic reform.

“The new Government that will be formed as a result of this election will need to have among its priorities continued improvement in good governance, human rights and the rule of law as well as the crucial tasks of accountability and genuine national reconciliation. All political actors should play a constructive role in this process,” the EU said.

The spokesperson added that the Commissioner of Elections and participating parties have played an important role, as well as national and international observers. A European Union Election Observation Mission led by MEP Cristian Dan Preda was deployed to Sri Lanka to observe the electoral process and will remain in the country until the process is completed.

As a close and long-standing partner, the EU looks forward to continuing its strong partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka with the aim of supporting the country’s social, economic and democratic development. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Majority people of Sinhalese are disappointment of EU role in political interfere of democratic engagement in last election?

    If majority are not that happy with EU engagement of politics of democratic of the sovereignty nation, there is possibility do not work the real reconciliation will turn into the country.
    EU has to learn that lessons of democracy its mean that minority is NOT democracy.
    Sinhalese people are only 15 million in the region ,Tamils are over 100 millions in India and world wide. Sinhalese are minority in Globally .

    How can such small nation Sinhalese civilization has been suppressed by EU nations and Indian Tamils by big stick?
    We have come ground reality of Sri lanka.
    Well Sinhalese are who protected and safeguard democracy values except JVP-terrorist-anarchist..

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