UNP claims victory at Parliamentary polls

RanilThe United National Party (UNP) has claimed victory at the 2015 Parliamentary election.

The UNP said that party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe will take oaths soon as the new Prime Minister before President Maithripala Sirisena.

UNP member John Amaratunga said that while the final results in the 2015 Parliamentary election have not yet been announced, it has already been confirmed that the UNP will end with the number of seats it requires to form the next Government.

He said that after the Prime Minister takes oaths a decision will be taken on the new Government, which will be a National coalition Government.

Amaratunga said the UNP is expected to end with 105 seats in Parliament.

The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has already accepted defeat at the election. UPFA member Udaya Gammanpilla said the UPFA will sit in the opposition and not join the National Government of the UNP. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. well done, budhu saranayi mawu bimata . now the country has found correct leaders to take the country forward with out corruption , thuggery for the people to live in a peaceful and happy trouble free develop country as one family under one flag one country with all nationalities Sinhalese , tamile , muslim , berghur and maley . one person has mentioned that Mr. r .wickramasinghe is a joker. shame on him he dose not have criminal and thuggery look , RW is most deacent respectable qualifaide person . any way looking forward for the best for the motherland , these two learders [ MS + RW ] real combination with all young politicians from all parties to do their best to the country and dicipleane to the highest place (parliament ) and to the country, and also must bring a law to the politicians to a retairement age like every other person in the country like 60 years. then qualifide young generation can join. budhu saranayi.

  2. Proof of the pudding is in its eating! Let’s see what is in stake for Tamils of the North and East after this victory. Most Tamils voted for TNA and UNP expecting good for them under the future government. Hope history does not repeat, and Tamils will not be cheated!

  3. It was a close fight, well done sir. Although you are not a show man you are a man with a courage and a vision. Good luck! hoping you will take the country forward.

  4. If not for Ranil, UNP would have ended up with a much better perfomance to form a very stable Government. When is he going to realize this and step down before more damage is done to the Party? We only hope the President DO NOT appoint this Joker as the Prime Minister of the Country.

  5. Congratulations Ranil & UNP.
    Especially you all have to be double congratulated for Jan’8 th Victory for saving our Pearl of Indian Ocean from its total demise from Drugs, serious crimes, murders, Fraud internally as well as externally.
    You have given us back with our loving president – the Free Media, Independent Judiciary, independent legislature without a dictatorial President. Wish you the best and good luck in every to make our country proud again and stand tall in the International Scene.
    We sincerely hope that you will ensure that the judiciary takes its course and take action soon to bring all those robbed our country and deprived our fellow citizens, committing the worst crimes of murder, drug trafficking etc.

  6. Dawn to another dark era in Sri Lanka. We know very well about the history of Ranil..It’s all about blood sheds and corruption..

  7. Whole country has been engulfed by the muslim and tamil exremists. there will be no Ranil without tamils,muslims and highclass sinhalese in colombo. People has forgotten the history of Ranil. another dawn to a dark era in SriLanka.

    • Congratulations to Sri Lanka for not taking extremist path. It’s 21 Century Let’s find a solution to live in harmony and peacefully.

    • Sinhala muslim Christian Tamil burger
      We all high class I am proud of srilankan. ..
      More over corruption is over…murders are done..
      Gnanasara can go fly a kite with his grandmother. .
      We are heading to new Era. .sinhala muslim Christian Tamil. As one united peaceful nation. ..

  8. All the blessings for Ranil and Sirisena to rule the country in a democratic manner. Srilanka is a small country and there is no room to divide it for Tamils and Muslims. At present they live every corner of the country. So why they ask for seperate state? Ranil should allow sinhalese to settle in Jaffana and in Eastern province. Let’s all live together peacefully

    • They ask for separation because the Sinhalese have developed a phobia for Tamils. Sinhalese, oppress, discriminate, commited war crimes and Tamil genocide. Tamils should be given the right of self deter5mination.

    • The fact that the minority parties are involved in the election signifies that they don’t need a separate state. They will also be part of national government!!!

    • No body needs or wants a. Separate State if there is Justice and recognition of All Srilankans as equal citizens of Srilanka irrespective of their race, or language or religious beliefs. Politicians should refrain from using language, religion and the race to win votes. Constitutionally using the language, religion and race for politics should be banned totally. Then Srilanka will go very high and set example to the rest of th e world as it has already done in the last two democratic elections. Every developing and advanced world can learn from Srilanka.

  9. Well done Ranil.You have been loosing the battles but you have won the WAR when it mattered most to our country and ALL its’ peoples.Let us all hope that the era of disunity,destruction and deceit can be put behind us we can make progress as one people SRI LANKANS;not Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Burghers,Malays,Budhhists,Hindus,Muslims,Christians etc.etc,etc.Let us offer prayers in any which way we pray for the country to be returned to Real Righteousness not righteousness in a mere political sense.May all beings be well and happy;May they be free from suffering,disease,grief,worry and anger.May they be strong,self confident,healthy and above all peaceful.Om Sai Ram

  10. A quote for Mahinda – even at this stage:
    All problems are with “2get” and “2give”, why not think
    now of doubling it to “4get” and “4give”

    • Yes Punchinilame cant blame the West now the Tigers not only lost stripes & the skin as well don’t you think. No excuses for LTTE sympathizers living in the West.

    • Excellent now Ranil should take all the ex ministers for questioning God bless Sri Lankans send all the racist and extremists to jail especially gnanasera

  11. UNP Ranil-W…. still not won the elecation .Until final result annouance how can he be the Primier?
    This is what type of demcrcay?

    Is this Blair ‘s Democracy of re-colonilization Sri lankan after 200 years ,since 1815 day our country occupied by British Empire.

    UNP -Ranil.w… CBK and MS’s puppect that democracy is the Wertern re-colonilization,and Balknization that is nothing else typcial colonial-Democracy.
    UNP-Ranil, MS and CBK will definitly destroy 2600 years our civilization by ruthless rule of anti-democarcy governaces by blessing of UK, US and Indain-RAW> policy pivot of Asia by US hegemonoy.

    • Be pragmatic in your thinking and writing. What the Chinese Communist Party leaders are doing? Do you think that the Chinese Communist Party leaders will help you to have the perfect democracy? I have been to China and I know them. How many Sri Lankans have decent jobs in China? How many Sri Lankans have permanent residency visa in China or Chinese Citizenship? I rest my case….

      • Still going on like a lunatic aren’t you Antany. Stop over dramatizing every thing so trying make you relevant. Only place you been to is Australia country chuck you out in your ear. Only reason you end up in New Zealand is government use to take any one come crying to the shore and call them self refuge that been close now. You are irrelevant and now been made surplus to VP brigade.

    • Sirisena,

      Why do you want to bring Tony Blair into this? Are you instigating the readers with your narrow mindedness. By the way when writing keep in mind to have your writing spell checked.

    • the results usually is announced to the contestants before it gets to the public… and clearly most of the country disagree on your point of view,. not saying ranil is a perfect, but hes got the right idea of how to take things forward…!

    • It is quite interesting to see your logic here is deficient of proving your stated fact, rather it contradicts the very notion you’re trying to validate.

  12. Well done Ranil
    And Down with the Racist Elements , let a new Start for Mother Lanka Begin
    BTW : guys who think Ranil Won from Tamil Votes , Have you guys seem North East Results? Did they vote For Ranil?? get over your racist thoughts guys… This is one country, one people.. we are all Sri Lankans

  13. Congratulations Ranil. We supported you to bring peace and justice to all srilankans with equal rights regardless of their language or religion. Be firm in delivering justice to all.

  14. Ranil’s biggest draw back is to be truthful to the people.
    He needs to keep his promise to the Tamils & the Muslims.
    Majority were divided on the lines of Race/religion/Caste/up country-low country/ politically and now Mahinda-MY3

    • Excellent news. They should proceed vigorously with the fraud inquiries to prevent them ever happening again.

  15. Almost 100% Tamil and Muslim votes have been diverted to UNP, and this is what the West is good at. “Divide and rule”

    • Dear Bandara

      Divide done not by anyone else. It was by Rajapaksa. So don’t blame others for our own doing.

      • Mahinda saved the country from LTTE terrorists all Sri Lankans are grateful for that, but he ran the country as if it is his own backyard propped up by corruption and nepotism, Sri Lankan people have rejected him and his henchmen; it is time for him to leave the main arena and the country will be a better place without him and his gang.
        Kahatagodagedara Alwis from London

    • Military joined the country together but MR tried to divide Sri Lankans by race to gain political benefits. I hope Ranil will make an effort to continue developments but I am not happy with thug John and corrupt Ravi.

    • Don’t blame west for everything. We Sinhalese are politically divided as UNP, SLFP and JVP. That is why we need the help from other minoroties. If we are united then we are strong.Just think why even though we are a majority we need to seek the help of minority parties…

  16. Ranil won the election as Sinhalese are divided. UNP got the support from Tamil people by promising to attack Rajapksa who defeated LTTE. Muslims also supported UNP in a similar reason. Ranil can become prime minister as President abused his powers to prevent Rajapaksa winning. Rajapaksa had mistakes in the past but Ranil is not the suitable leader for Sri Lanka.

    • mahinda did not apology to Muslims openly & honestly for the past incidents .but he showed a snake signal here & there by showing some flags..if he had addressed Muslims closely we would have supported him as we did in the past..for Muslims a good Buddhist Sinhalese leader is all ways safe ..

    • Victory for the patriotics and defeat for racial elements! Well done Sri Lankans for voting with brains NOT hearts.This shows there is no place for race card to play any more. Ranil and UNF is the one to take us forward.Hope MR and his disruptives are finished and we can march on!

    • Stop talking racism brother. We join hands and walk together for our nation and for our future generation. God bless you.

  17. Congratulations Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe,

    Be truthful to the people who have voted for you; and respect the intellectuals of this country. Otherwise you will fall as Prabhakaran and Mahinda.

    • Not long ago Prabahkaren was you hero what happen man trying to change. Good on you I always new you’ll come around.

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