MR will support good policies of new Government

rajapaksaFormer president Mahinda Rajapaksa said on Tuesday he was unlikely to lead Sri Lanka’s next government as initial results from the general election gave a slight edge to the coalition government.

“I will support good policies and oppose bad things,” the two-term president, who crushed a 26-year Tamil insurgency in 2009, told Reuters by telephone from his southern home of Hambantota.

The 69-year-old nationalist ruled out joining a unity government that President Maithripala Sirisena, the figurehead of a broad reform coalition that toppled him at a presidential vote in January, wants to form.

Sirisena succeeded Rajapaksa as leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party but has moved only belatedly to assert his control over the party and block his predecessor’s path back to power.

Sirisena backed the formation of a minority government led by the United National Party (UNP) after January’s election and called the early election in a bid to form a more broadly based administration joined by his own supporters in the SLFP.

Initial results indicated that the UNP was likely to make gains and emerge as the largest single party, but would need outside support to form a viable government to run the Indian Ocean island of 20 million people.


  1. Dear Varuna, how many times should one “realise ” the mistake. Jan 08 and now Aug 17th. By the time one realises ones mistake not only his ambition to be a PM, he himself will fade away.

    Why don’t you just accept the result. It is the decison of the majority. This time you cannot blame the TNA or the muslims or the upcountry Tamils. A Prime Minister is the leader of the nation. He must have the support of all the people of this country. Please do not worry. Mahinda has good experience as the opposition leader. If you don’t let him be, people like Gamampola and Veerays Wimal could drag him into local goverment elections !

  2. Today Mahinda Rajapakse concedes election defeat

    I have posed the following message on Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Facebook wall.

    Dear Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa,

    I knew this outcome well before you started to contest the election. You won’t be a smart President and hold onto your power when you ignore people like us. Remember, I have contacted you in 2012 when I was in Sri Lanka, but you have ignored me. Your fall started in 2012. You are not a leader anymore, because of your ignorance. I wanted to guide the LTTE into the correct path to save people’s lives. Therefore, I visited Jaffna in 2003, and contacted the LTTE leadership, but they had ignored me. Their fall started in 2003. Today they don’t exist due to their ignorance. After I started Asia Unites I was in China and requested the Chinese leaders’ support, but they never supported me. In fact they haven’t even allowed me to get a job in China. The Westerners were getting English teaching jobs without a degree in any field, but the Chinese Communist party leaders haven’t allowed me to teach English, even though I have a business degree from Australia. Do you think that I will ever let the Communist Party Leaders to have a foothold in my motherland? No chance whatsoever.

      • Asians are not smart as the Westerners. Asians are good in breeding like rabbits; they don’t desire for knowledge. If the Asian leaders don’t listen to people like us they will fall. I don’t like to be fooled by foolish Asians. I will convey this message to the new government of Sri Lanka, Indian, Chinese and Japanese leaders. If they ignore me I will make a ‘U” turn, leave Asia and work with the West. In politics there is no permanent friend or enemy; I will find a place to use my knowledge and skills. Asians will never beat the West by pushing people like us towards the West. I have a business degree, done two researches equal to two PhDs, been to more than 25 countries, and lived in four continents to expand my knowledge. My First Research Paper was equal to PhD. “What Asians need to do to prosper as the world’s majority in Asia and also in the world?” It took me two year between 2007 and 2009. I have chosen the thesis, and the research materials; because the billions of Asians are divided, and they don’t have any protocol to unite Asia to move forward. Chinese has their own idea, so do Indians, Japanese and Koreans. Plus the West will never offer this kind of thesis to help the billions of Asians. My Second Research Paper was equal to PhD as well between 2009 and 2011. “What made the Western countries so powerful; and what it takes them to keep their power” I have chosen the thesis, and the research materials; because the Western countries will never offer this kind of thesis to tell the world how they have been ruling the world, and how they are indented to carry-on.

        • Antany more of the same hot air by another looser. Difference between you and Percy Mahendra & you some people still for reasons of their own still listen to him on the other hand you blowing hot air and keep ranting one day hating the west next day loving it & same with China and the political parties and the rest of your turncoat ideas. You hatred for Sinhalese & the West come from your deep rooted ideology of support for your dead hero VP. Do you really think people believe your so called self proclaimed intellectual provers. If so you mind is much twisted than I first imagined. Leave Sri Lankan’s to run their own country they don’t need pseudo intellectual to tell them how to look after the affair’s specially a LTTE sympathizer living in Wellington New Zealand.

  3. Sirisena campaigned against UFPA in Polonnaruwa District so UNP won. Chandrka as Adviser to UFPA campaigned for UNP to defeat UFPA. UPFA/SLFP general secretaries were sacked using “Presidentail powers” by Sirisena just before the election. When all these taken in to account this is not free and fair election at all. Rajapaksa did not have a fair chance to contest as the President interfered from beginning of election campaign until end. If these events happen in an European country the election will be cancelled immediately for a fresh one. If any government fights with terrorism, all weapon manufacturers take this as a war against them. Rajapaksa had to face the bitter truth of “What goes behind the door of international terrorism”. The helpless Sri Lankans who voted against Rajapaksa will realise the mistake they did in 2015 August 17 election.

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