Gammanpila says UPFA has lost the election

UdayaUnited People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Colombo District candidate Udaya Gammanpilla says the UPFA has lost the 2015 Parliamentary election.

While the official results of most districts are yet to be released, Gammanpilla said in his official Facebook account that the UPFA is expected to end with victory in only 9 electoral districts against the UNP’s 11 and TNA’s 3.

“Although no party has secured the majority in the parliament the UNP will form a minority government. I have secured approximately 200,000 preferential votes to rank second in Colombo District,” he added.

While thanking the public for their support, Gammanpilla said that the struggle to protect the country will continue despite the electoral defeat. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You are an idiot to leave Hela Urumaya and going behaind Raja.. Hope you have learned lesson … Ja ya wewa

  2. Quoting “Gammanpilla said that the struggle to protect the country”, I would like to know what struggle to protect from whom or what. We have an Honourable President and new government to take care of that unlike the last regime who swindled the country

  3. I knew this outcome well before you started to contest the election. This is the difference between the people who have the knowledge and the people who think they do have knowledge 😉

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