Maithripala removes several members from SLFP CC

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena, as head of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has removed several members from the Central Committee (CC) of the party.

The President had sent the list of the members removed to Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya today.

Among those removed are John Seniviratne, D.M Jayaratne, Susil Premajayantha and Ratnasiri Wickremenayake.

SLFP sources said that the President was to appoint new members to the SLFP CC to replace those he had removed.

The moves comes following speculation some senior SLFP members may attempt to remove Sirisena from the party.

Meanwhile, the Colombo District Court yesterday ordered that notices be pasted on the walls of the residence of SLFP members Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and Susil Premajayantha that they have been removed as General Secretaries of the SLFP and United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) respectively.

The Colombo District Court had last week issued notice on Yapa and Premajayantha removing them as General Secretaries following a petition filed against them. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What Sri Lanka needs a president who will up hold law and order, does not waste State Funds, promotes harmony, prevents bribery etc etc

  2. This move constitutes no less than a purge! That the SL party leader decides on his own who will be in the CC and who not is a completely undemocratic practice, an autocratic inner party device that has been introduced by no-one less than his predecessor.
    It is indeed ironic that MR is now struck by the very weapon that he welded himself illustrating again that any weapon has double sided edges.
    What it also shows is that the internal workings of e.g. both the UNP and the SLFP are in need of a major reassessment and reform. Who should decide who will be the party leader and which members can be on the CC? A single person or the members? Of course the last option is the only democratic one. Why should the president/party leader not now announce too that there should be a party congress every year where the party members can vote by a secret ballot who will be in the central positions in the party?
    In this event the party leader and president will have made his decisions on the basis of who is loyal to him and who is not, in the same way as MR used to do before him. He may have had inside information that there was a concerted action brewing within the party to unseat him which may have prompted him to this move. Anyway, now is also the time for him to initiate a party congress where the party constitution will be redrafted in a democratic way so that an action like this will never be possible again.
    I am of the opinion that the UNP’s internal organization is in dire need of the same redrafting.

  3. Very correct move. The Central committee has become to look and smell more like the witches brew and should be thrown out into the drains. The party should be cleansed and restructured with educated , experienced and those known for being clean and disciplined. They should also attract young talent and nurture them to be shining examples of leaders.

  4. Why everyone who is against My3 is blaming him that he’s spoiling the party, can’t they see he wants the party to be run by good politicians. Since he likes his party and he thinks good of the nation, he has removed the corrupt bunch from the party. If you want Sri Lanka to prosper support him.

  5. Close to the election results, President has got Schizophrenic and removing loyal members of SLFP including two former prime ministers. This shows how insecure this President is. Is this the man who came to power to reduce excessive powers to the executive president, and vowed a good governance and democracy. We can just imagine what he would do if he remains as President for another five years. He is prepared to kill and nail the coffin for SLFP just to take revenge on his opponents and dissidents. Comparatively now MR doesn`t look bad!!

  6. All these irratic decisions are taken by Satellite. She is doing whatever pleases her to give maximum trouble to Mahinda Rajapakse. Whatever done, both Satellite and Gamaya will face opposition after elections. All this is short lived

  7. Yes, Mr. President, great job for the good of the country and party. It’s we the people who put you there, if they trouble and harm you, we would be out on the streets to protect you. Your mission is to clean the country and party of bad elements. Please keep it up, and we are with you for ever. They tested your patient too much. They played to their tune, and now they have to play to your tune which the best for all. We wish all the good lucks for our great President .

  8. This is a long-delayed cleansing of the SLFP which had been stolen over the last decade by a “gang of thieves” and whose fundamentals were destroyed. We can only wish the President the strength to see this to the end and hope that the “good” guys in the party will support him.

  9. This gama pambaya has no clue about any law. He publishes Kale Patara and send them out at yakku gus yana welawata. He is a real joke. Disgrace for the seat of President. If he wanted to pick a fight with his own party, he should have done it before nomination list was
    given to election commision. Gama pambaya thinks he is very smart to have Mahinda run the campaign to get people win the seats and replaced them by some more pambayo supporting pada pambaya.

  10. These are very good political moves. Doing everything possible for good governance. After all president is trying to protect the motherland from the bad politicians. Everyone is putting the party first before the country, but they forget parties were created to serve the country so in my view country first before anything! So I believe president is rightly taking actions to protect the country from corrupt politicians!

  11. I think the Pres wants to clean the party of members who are corrupt n opportunits n not loyal n as a pesident of the his is responsibilty to bring decipline to the party. I think he thinks this is the right time but you may disagree but Pres knows wht he needs to be cleaned if needed if anybody loves his party.

  12. Rajapaksa goons did not let the good governess function in the country because they can’t do their corrupt practices. MY3 did the correct thing.

  13. Responsible people should be appointed to responsible positions. this is what happens when a puppet driven with strings is appointed.

  14. Maithri is showing himself to be an astute politician. Too early, and there would have been court action and chaos, too late, and critical votes would have been influenced by
    Now, in the perfect moment of ‘in between’ he has used Mahinda’s constitution to effect change as never envisioned at the time of its formulation.
    The next four hours will be interesting

  15. We understand that,you are helpless like king Don Juwan Dharmapala. We feel so sorry for you Sir..keep going you have no other option and no way out do what others are asking you to do. god bless you and your family.

  16. Very good action! They all thought they could play games with the President. Till now he was so patience and tried his best to bring them all together! If they can’t obey the rule what else president could do? Who brought all corrupted people in to this party? It’s so dirty now so time to clean up!

  17. This sounds even worse than UNP democracy. This action is dictatorial and soon people should topple the government for doing these illegal moves to put Ranil in power. We need a dessert storm now to clean the MR cronies.

  18. You all deserve the finale as you all not removed president from the SLFP when he contested the presidential election against the then part chairman Mahinda.

    Still you can file a case as this era very popular of digging old garbage for personal benefits.

    Why President do all changes only during the last 3 days . it is very strange.

  19. Timely need decision. Also , should be carefully appoint suitable people for the relevant posts. Dont keep a space for any non SLFP members who with you at the movement to overcome original SLPF principles and party positions in future. Mr president you should carefully handle power with your existing friends.

  20. Timely need decision. Also , should be carefully appoint suitable people for the relevant posts. Dont keep a space for any members who with you at the movement to overcome original SLPF principles and party positions in future. Mr president you should carefully handle power with your existing friends.

  21. The only political party leader in the world who want to see the downfall of his party & paving the way for the opponents to win.

  22. Puppet Sirisena EXECUTING ORDERs from Chandrika….hate and vengeance filled duo WILL HAVE NOWHERE TO RUN VERY SOON…

  23. This man is insane. He is making a good recipe for chaos after the election. Not good for the country. If he wanted to do that he should have done that soon after he became the party leader. He should have muster the power in the party before going for the election and should have nominated candidates that he could trust. After the election there will be power struggles every where, inside and outside the party.

  24. Either this man is raving mad or he is turning out to be a Dictator like Pinochet. Under whose advice is he doing all this. He has to be careful, as if he does not slow down reacting to his anger and desire for revenge he may have a nervous breakdown.

  25. Well done Sir. Enough is enough. You tolerated enough and showed that you are a decent gentlemen. They pushed you too much and now they know that you are not a pambaya. Next step is to investigate all the wrongdoings and send those responsible to jail. Do everything possible to get back any money they robbed. Stop bribery and corruption and assuming that UNF will come into power, don’t let those corrupt ones there to follow the last regime.

    • Very well said, Good job Mr. President, don’t let MR and his cronies to ruin this country again. You need people who love the country, not just party politics.

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