Local election monitors note polls peaceful, fair

wL5lyCCk3pLocal election monitors said the Parliamentary election held today was the most peaceful and fair in the recent history of the country.

Rohana Hettiarchchie, Executive Director of the Peoples Action for a Free and Fair Election (PAFFREL) said that the predominant feature of these elections was the deference given to rulings of the Election Commissioner by the Government, contesting political parties and by the supporters of the political parties.

“This showed a real shift in power towards the elections commissioner who was not contesting the government to ensure that the law was implemented.  The change was especially stark in relation to the election that preceded this, the presidential election of January 2015 in which violations of election law that involved the gross abuse and misuse of state resources took place on a large scale, including on Election Day itself,” he said.

He said that a total of 212 incidents were reported on Election Day, but none of them were of serious consequence.

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) meanwhile said that whilst there have been reports of violence and malpractice, polling in this General Election had been largely peaceful and without hindrance.

CMEV said the police in particular have been vigilant in protecting the integrity of the electoral process and have arrested 50 individuals for violations of election law.

At the end of polling, CMEV has recorded a total of 316 incidents. Of these, while 109 have been categorized as Major Incidents, 196 Minor Incidents have also been reported. The highest number of Major Incidents relate to the intimidatory presence of party supporters in the vicinity of polling centres.

Four (4) incidents of threat and Intimidation in the polling divisions of Pathadumbara in Kandy, Medawachchiya in Anuradhapura, Kopay in Jaffna and Eheliyagoda in Ratnapura respectively were also reported along with 01 incident of assault from Nawalapitiya in the Kandy district. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. That the practice of using state resources in favor of the party in office seems mostly to have come to an end is certainly a change for the better. The practice of concealed ballot box stuffing is harder to check… Still 109 major incidents, efforts to intimidate voters by certain party adherents around the voting offices have still taken place. They can be avoided by resolute police action. The voting process can best be conducted by trusted civilians, independent from any public servants and especially by party stalwarts. The PAFFREL and CMEV have done a great job again. We can’t appreciate them enough.

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