First result goes in favour of the UPFA

UPFAThe first result in the 2015 Parliamentary election went in favour of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

The UPFA got the most number of votes in the Ratnapura District in the postal votes with 11367 while the United National Party (UNP) secured 9673 votes and the JVP 1808 votes.

The postal votes are of Government servants, including the police and military, who marked their votes a few days before election day.

The Department of Elections said that the final results are expected by early afternoon tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette)


Parliamentary Election – 17-08-2015

Official Election Results


Our National Front 3 0.01%
United People’s Freedom Alliance 11,367 49.46%
United National Party 9,673 42.09%
United People’s Party 9 0.04%
Okkoma Wasiyo Okkoma Rajawaru Sanvidanaya 1 0.00%
People’s Liberation Front 1,808 7.87%
Jana Setha Peramuna 2 0.01%
Nawa Sama Samaja Party 0 0.00%
Nawa Sihala Urumaya 1 0.00%
Frontline Socialist Party 16 0.07%
Democratic Party 58 0.25%
Bodu Jana Peramuna 33 0.14%
Sri Lanka Labour Party 1 0.00%
Sri Lanka National Force 4 0.02%
Independent Group 01 2 0.01%
Independent Group 02 1 0.00%
Independent Group 03 0 0.00%
Independent Group 04 0 0.00%
Independent Group 05 1 0.00%
Independent Group 06 2 0.01%
* Including a bonus seat.


TOTAL VALID VOTES 22,982 98.29%
TOTAL POLLED 23,383 0.00%


  1. That little more than half of these public servants including police and military should have voted in favor of the Freedom Alliance is hardly surprising. They were the former regime’s staunchists supporters. They may however not represent the majority of the people. Let’s not jump at conclusions yet and wait for what we’ll know on Tuesday afternoon.

  2. Even Sirisena did not vote for UFPA, although he is the leader of UFPA. Why this man should be a president of Sri Lanka? Most dishonest and mean (Neechaya) leader in history, Please resign from your position as president as we do not want a traitor like you to destroy Sri Lanka.

    • Dishonest, mean, even a traitor? Big words. How do you know how he voted? By my knowledge one’s personal vote is secret.

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