Swiss politician wants Lankans sent back

DeportationA leading Swiss politician has called for the return of Sri Lankan asylum seekers in Switzerland as the island is now at peace, the AFP news agency reported.

He said people fleeing conflict should only receive temporary protection in Switzerland, calling for a rethinking of the country’s approach to asylum seekers in an interview published today.

“People displaced by war should still be taken in but only with the aim of sending them back later when the situation in their country of origin allows it,” Philipp Mueller, leader of the influential center-right FDP party, told the Schweiz am Sonntag paper.

“People attempting to enter for economic reasons must be rejected,” Mueller added.

Noting “chaos” on the Greek island of Kos, where thousands of migrants mainly from Syria and Iraq have turned up in recent weeks, Mueller said Switzerland needed to refocus on the issue of migrants.

He said too many people have been granted permanent refugee status in Switzerland in recent years and not nearly enough have been ordered to return home.

He specifically cited Sri Lanka, where a 25-year civil war ended in 2009.

“Asylum-seekers are still not being sent back there although the country has become a tourism destination for Swiss people. That is absurd,” Mueller said.

In a review of Switzerland concluded this week, the United Nations Committee against Torture voiced concern that the federation “is not sufficiently considering” circumstances in the country of origin before sending migrants home.

The U.N. panel specifically noted two reported cases of ethnic Tamils being subjected to torture after being forcibly returned to Sri Lanka.

Switzerland, known for its tame political climate, goes to the polls on October 18.

As in the rest of Europe, migrant and refugee policy has increasingly become a source of debate in the country.

Justice minister and current Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga earlier this month said it was “unthinkable” that Switzerland would return people to Eritrea, which is led by authoritarian regime.

She was responding to criticism from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party that the government’s handling of Eritrean migrants was too lenient, a complaint echoed Mueller.


  1. Very True. Most of them leave the country for economic reason and not for a political reason.

    They go to rich countries, tell lot of lies (betray) their own country.

    • This is a sad situation. These people has fallen in to the “missing” list. I mean some people blaming Sri Lankan governent these people killed by SL Army during the war. The true story is they hiding in Canada, Australia and Germany under asylum.

  2. Well done politician Mr. Philipp Mueller Switzerland, Sri Lanka was always peaceful for Tamil people even during the civil war times.That means Sinhalease government and sinhalease people never ever against Tamil people or never harressed them , sinhalease people always welcomed them, they always lived together with sinhalease people else where even in the south of Sri Lanka in hand in hand in harmony and they still do live like that. Tamil tiger terrorist group created all that problems and bombed the southern parts specially colombo capital with suicide bombers in daily basis during 30-35 years long until 2009 May 20th.But still sinhalease people and their governement always defended them and protected them. They always even asked the terrorist tamil tigers, to come to the table for peace talk to have them as a Kanton north part of Sri Lanka, like in Switzerland, but they always refused it at once and bombed colombo in the next day. They killed over 140,000 Sinhalease innocent people through out Sri Lanka , during last 30-35 years until 2009 May.And many more disabled living today. Nobody talks about it today, specially United Nation is not talking about it, Why? Tamil people always showed the westen countries a very wrong bad picture about Sinhalease people and Sri Lankan government, also including to Switzerland and they are still doing it. Beacause they all want to go and live in countries like Switzerland, for a better luxsury life, and same time they want to divide Sri Lanka north-east part and have it for themselfs. Tamil people are second class citizens of Sri Lanka, their original native country is South India, at Tamil Nadu. So, can you immagine migrated foriegners, in Switerland asking to divide part of Switzerland for them selfs !!! That would be hilarious isn”t it ? Its just the same thing happening in Sri Lanka, with Tamils. So, once again, Sri Lanka is a very peacful friendly country, specially, thanks a lot from bottom of our hearts and minds to Ex President his Excerllency Hon Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. One and only honest politician who brought that terrorism to an end after 30-35 years, and brought real peace to Sri Lanka and developed already a lot that country within a short period of four years. Anybody is warmly welcome to Sri Lanka !

  3. There is, I recall an Agreement between the two Goverments, indicating Septm. 1992 as the date-line
    for considering where to begin the sorting out of retunees in the future. This date may be moved according to the needs of the Private sector in Switzerland, which has a strong demand for Sri
    Lankans in the catering and maintenance sectors?
    Sri lankans in Swiss are approx. 40,000.

  4. All these asylum seekers are bogus whether Tamil or Singhalese and should be deported since war end , however, not all economic migrant are bad since they could bring lots of benefit to countries like Switzerland with ageing population. So please don’t label people indiscriminately as illegal economic migrant since many of us come to this country legally and play by the rules

  5. I visited Sri Lanka recently for a holiday and traveled a lot. Things are quite normal and all ethnic groups are living harmony without any issue. I was surprised to note majority of minority tamils live in Sri Lanka’s capital city which is Colombo without any problem with Sinhalese (Sinhalese are the majority in Sri Lanka). Northern parts of the county where the battle took place have become tourist destinations. So I request all to visit this beautiful island, and there is absolutely no reason for any Sri Lankan to seek for refugee status anywhere in the world…!

    • Tamils even during the height of conflict lived in Colombo and also in towns like Negombo and Wattlala. They in fact own majority of business and properties in Colombo. This cunning lot practically owns the country while crying wolf in the west.

    • Absolutely correct. There are genuine refugees out there and also ruffians who have used the conflict to make an easy living in criminal activity. Tamils are hardworking people and what they need is a permanent solid peace and opportunity to live in harmony and given that they will make a good mountain of a mole hill. The chafe should be weeded out from the good and let to rot and the good blessed to produce good fruit. God Bless them all.

    • Sean, this is what I have been trying to make people understand. But, because Tamils (and the Sinhalese) will dearly love to move to Europe or the West, more because they get sympathy with all the attendant perks. (The Sinhalese don’t stand a chance at the Embassies!). Also, the Diaspora strives to keep the “flame” burning so that they attract funds. Some Western politicians (typically, Lee Scott or Scott Lee from the UK who lost his seat in the recent elections and think now that he has been discarded by his own people, he has a chance in this situation) also like to be involved because they get an allowance and “perks”

    • Thank you for telling the Truth and hope Thousands of Swiss people will read your truthfull comment and get a correct true idea behind this bogus asylum seekers business.

    • I totally agree with you. There is no reason for any one from Sri Lanka to be granted refugee status in any country at all as I my self went back to live for good few years back.
      If any one not a citizen of another country should send back as we need more people to re build our country back.

    • Yes Sean you are right please send only Sinhalese but keep Tamil people there because they can spent a better life in Switzerland.

    • Of course I totally agree with you, there is no reason for them to seek political asylum anywhere as all ethnic groups living in harmony in Sri Lanka. If any of them do not want to go back to Sri Lanka that means they are either like to share the economic prosperity in Switzerland or they must be planning another terrorism come back in Sri Lanka under the shelter of refugee status.

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