Chinese tourists advised to be cautious in Sri Lanka

Chinese touristsChinese tourists traveling in Sri Lanka have been urged to remain cautious due to various accidents in the island nation, the Xinhua news agency reported.

In recent years, China has become the second largest source of visitors to Sri Lanka, but Chinese tourists arriving in the country have faced a lot of inconvenience and problems.

According to statistics, in the first seven months of the year, there were 46 tourist accidents registered in the Chinese Embassy, including three cases of drowning which had led to two deaths.

More than 30 cases of theft, one rape case, one snake bite case, two tourists falling off the train and three cases of tourists being blocked at the Immigration were also reported. In addition, some Chinese tourists have also been suspected of jewelry theft and had not been allowed to go back to China.

In March, two robberies of Chinese tourists had been reported in Colombo, which left one tourist injured and hospitalized.

Chinese authorities in Sri Lanka have called on Chinese tourists to observe local tourism rules, understand local regulations and customs, and enhance their awareness of local food, lodging, transportation, sightseeing and shopping to ensure a safe journey in the country.


  1. Illegal chinese tour operators should take the responsibility of this. They cheat their own guests & their target is to make money. And also so many chinese prostitutes have involved in tourism without any qualification to do so. According to the tourism law here any group travel in sri lanka must have a licenced local tour guide. But illegal chinese tour operators never hire a local guide & give wrong informations about the sites to their tourists & violate the laws of sri lanka. This is a sad situation. Our tourist police is weak..they can’t communicate properly. General public has no place to complain about these illegal chinese immigrants who vi
    Violate our immigration law.

  2. Typical.. In Other world we blame the Tourist instead of our incapable Tourist Police / and Police. When Tourism increases the Police Training should be on par to int standards. Specially the Tourist Police. The tourist police cant even speak English, and I have seen how the Tourist police made a Foreign National to Type his own statement on the Computer as they did not know how to. This is Crazy. A nation that is incapable of Change is reflected in the Police. same old lazy backwards methods.

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