UN unaware of torture report on Lanka

UN spokesman Stephane DujarricThe United Nations says it is unaware of the torture report on Sri Lanka but in general they clearly stand against the use of torture.

UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said this in response to a question posed at the daily press briefing at the UN headquarters in New York.

The report on Sri Lanka had said that Sri Lankan security forces continued to torture Tamil detainees even after the election of reformist president Maithripala Sirisena in January.

The report, by the UK-based charity Freedom From Torture (FFT) and published on Thursday, comes just four days before critical parliamentary elections on 17 August, the Guardian newspaper reported.

The charity said that more than a third of the alleged torture victims in the report had returned to Sri Lanka from the UK, some forcibly after their asylum applications were rejected.

The FFT report, Tainted Peace: Torture in Sri Lanka since May 2009, looks mostly at abuses during the Rajapaksa era, analysing 148 case of apparent torture, but the charity said that it has continued to receive referrals of Sri Lankan torture victims in 2015.

“The new leadership will need to tackle vested interests in the military, police and intelligence services who until now have resisted any proper reckoning for torture and other grave abuses committed during the civil war and the six years since the conflict ended,” the report said. Almost all the cases FFT reviewed involved Tamils, detained because they were suspected of having personal or family ties to the Tamil Tigers.

The alleged forms of torture used include beatings, burning, rape and other forms of sexual violence, asphyxiation, electric shocks, mock executions, and stabbings. Seventy per cent of the inmates in the study were held in solitary confinement.

The report alleges: “Methods of torture were often meted out simultaneously: every survivor was beaten, including with blunt instruments, pipes filled with cement or pistol butts. Often these blows were delivered while the person was suspended with both their hands and feet tied up. Some were dropped from a height with bindings still in place so they were unable to break their fall. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka is a genocidal country in the world, because previously they blame to LTTE, currently no Ltte.
    Since 1948 the sinhala majority do the same against Tamils. Sinhala people love to rape innocent tamils, they’re rapest, if they inoocent then why are they hesitating the international independent investigation? Because they knew what they did and what they are doing,
    One day will one day the world will find who is the monster? Itte or Sri Lankan government? That day not too far.

  2. If LTTE was in USA, there won’t be any LTTE murderers alive by this time. USA will not let anyone to act against USA. But Sri Lanka cannot even arrest LTTE murderers as Tamil Diaspora is spending LTTE drug money to by stake holders in many key Humanitarian organisations including UN. You can see UN is chasing only after Sri Lanka while there are many other HR violations happen elsewhere.

  3. ‘returned to Sri Lanka from the UK, some forcibly after their asylum applications were rejected’ I think that speaks volumes of the Kind of Mickey Mouse Charity that is peddling a Bogus Report. There are Western and UN Agents constantly in the Ground to Monitor such ‘socalled’ Torture of FAILED ASYLUM seekers. yet none have issued such report. Most of these Charities are TOP MONEY earners by Peddling Human Trafficking hidden under the name of Torture and Human rights. So Failed Asylum seekers when sent from Australia did not get Tortured only the Onces from the UK.. This is a Joke. There should be a Full Transparent Process by this charity showing the sources of Information, Not Hidden Silhouettes. This Report like many so-called Anti Lankan Groups based in the west should be rubbished.

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