Ranil claims SLFP facing threats from thugs

Ranil VikramasinhaUnited National Party (UNP) leader and Prime Ministerial candidate at the Parliamentary elections next week, Ranil Wickremesinghe says the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) is facing threats from thugs.

Addressing the media today, Wickremesinghe said that some members of the SLFP are attempting push Mahinda Rajapaksa’s agenda into the SLFP.

He recalled that the United National Party (UNP) had backed SLFP member Maithripala Sirisena as President at the last Presidential elections and after being made President, Sirisena became the head of the SLFP.

However Wickremesinghe noted that now there is a group which is attempting to promote Rajapaksa over Sirisena in the SLFP.

“It is a crisis where when you move the family (Rajapaksas) out of politics in the National scene there is an attempt by thugs to take over the SLFP,” he said.

Meanwhile Wickremesinghe said the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) is confident of winning the Parliamentary election next week.

The UNP is contesting the election with its political partners in the UNFGG and under a UNFGG Government, Wickremesinghe says powers will be devolved to the village.

Wickremesinghe also said that the UNFGG wants to form a new country in 60 months, a country which has ditched the Rajapaksa legacy.


  1. Now, Mr. Yatawara, what can be the reason for your spiteful diatribe against Mr. Wickremesinghe I wonder? Do you have a personal grudge against him? Anyway, it is clear that there is little love lost between you and him.

    The reason that RW became temporary PM after the January presidential election, was simply that it was the major backing of the UNP voters in these election that made Sirisena president. Without this backing he could not have ousted MR. So your contention that his appointment as temporary head of government was undemocratic holds no water. After all he had been instrumental in his January election victory and it was constitutionally up to the new president to appoint whom he considered the best man under the circumstances.

    However, if this new situation was somewhat unsatisfactory democratically to many, I thought that the coming general election was meant to remedy exactly that.

    If the voters in sufficient numbers vote National Front candidates to Parliament that they gain a majority in that House, then RW will have a clear mandate from the people to remain the Prime Minister of the next government.

    If however the Freedom Alliance of which the Freedom Party is the main backbone gets the most parliamentarians chosen into the House then it is up to the party leader whom of this Alliance to appoint as the next Prime Minister and to form the next government. The party leader now happens to be Sirisena.

    Unfortunately the political process is often not that straightforward. What happens for instance if neither of these formations gains a majority in the House? Then one or more other parties must be found to support a minority government in which Sirisena’s role will be all-decisive. After all he is the president.

    Yes, it is almost certain that MR will be voted in to be a member of Parliament for Kurunegala. And yes, as the former president he will remain a factor in politics to be reckoned with in the time to come. But he cannot be the next prime minister as he is involved in a power struggle with the present president. The government would be completely paralyzed if that were to happen.

    As for Mr. Pissa’s remarks: I cannot remember that RW has ever stated that he is in favor of a separate Tamil state in the country, let alone under the leadership of the former armed rebels. They have been effectively disarmed and the Sri Lankan army will see to it that it remains so. But that the Tamils as an ethnic part of the country still have an ambition to get some form of Home Rule was and is a political ambition that cannot be denied them if… Sri Lanka has a wish to remain a democracy.

    To what extent RW is prepared to make concessions towards their ambitions remains to be seen. He has been rather tight-lipped so far on this issue.

  2. Look back your UNP past politics of last 180 days?
    Do you have any majority mandate to run state of affaires of democracy ruling Governances? Ranil.W…?
    Are you talk on bullshit! or Democracy.

    Millions of educated class of elites in oversees, that all nationalities of workers are living outside of Island. They laughs at your, political thugs of SLFP!
    I have to say your not that belongs to Gentleman politics of democracy at all.!

    How can say Ranil of UNP practices of ‘Good Governances WITHOUT MAJORITY VOTERS CONSENT?

    Running minority members of Parliament, that is the history of politics of democracy in first time in Sri lanka after 67 years by UNP Ranil become minority “rule of law and Good governances”?

    Do you know that basic pillar of Good governances is that majority rule by state of affairs fundamental norms of democracy and Sovereignty?

    UNP -Ranil ‘s type of democracy is that belongs to 19th century. Is that no doubt well belongs school of hipcoracy of democracy -UNP -Ranil.W…..

    We are living rapid changing of democratic order of world. Yours , that UNP political approach is not an objectively has been reflected in Democracy.

    Ranil.W… and his Junta click on UNP is far lagging behind norms of democracy of 21 century!
    Is not suited to Democratic World.

  3. Ranil is preparing the Eeelam Map on behalf of LTTE. Ranil’s win will be the win for Separate state for LTTE. Anyone vote to UNP will understand the mistake after 17th of August.

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