Maithripala tells Mahinda he will not be PM

Maithripala MahindaPresident Maithripala Sirisena has written to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa saying he will not be made Prime Minister even if the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) gets the number of seats required in Parliament to form the next Government.

In a letter to Rajapaksa, President Sirisena, who is also the chairman of the UPFA, said that a senior member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) who has not been the Prime Minister before, should be made the new Prime Minister in a UPFA Government.

President Sirisena urged Rajapaksa to support senior SLFP members like Nimal Siripala de Silva, John Seniviratne, Chamal Rajapaksa, Athauda Seniviratne, A.H.M. Fowzie, Susil Premjayantha, or Anura Priyadharshana Yapa to be appointed the next Prime Minister.

He reminded Rajapaksa that even when the Parliamentary elections were declared he had advised Rajapaksa not to contest the election.

“Even some of your family members had supported this call,” the President said in his letter.

However President Sirisena said that Rajapaksa had decided to contest the election in order to stay in power despite losing the Presidential election.

The President accused Rajapaksa of working with vengeance and malice and not with a good heart, despite what he attempts to portray to the public.

In his letter, Sirisena also urged Rajapaksa not to act in a manner which could incite communal hatred and to also ensure the UPFA wins the Parliamentary election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is simple.If UPFA wins Mahinda will be the Prime Minister whether Maitree like or not.Maitree does not have
    any support in SLFP.If UNF wins Ranil will be the Prime Minister

  2. MS is puppet of UNP -Ranil and CBK and as well as agent of US and Indian -RAW.

    In coming Parliamentary election of that majority seats of UPFA victory will be due to leadership of Mahinda Rajapakesa and Party manifesto launch under the leadership MR ; majority voters trust on that its policies approved by the People’s mandate.
    How can MS denied majority verdict of people of
    Sri lanka.

    Is that MS of puppet President has given any mandate by decided to an appointment of New Primer? NO
    MS has no room to play games with democracy of
    Sri lanka by his role of against WISH of our Country, Nation and the People.

    I must say that MS is playing fire with the People’s democracy and its Mandate.
    MS has proven recent that his ugly track record of dismantle democracy norms and values by last 180 days allied with UNP-Ranil and CBK, TNA JHU, MC and JVP.

    MS is President only for five years, no longer than that.
    Now he(MS) has undertaken a duty destroy 67 years old democracy?
    MS has to be accountability of what he is doing against WILL of People and undermined values of democracy.

    If MS having any political and policy differences with MR that has to be sort by some other way.
    But not that undermined democracy of majority accepted norm by Votes!

    But MS have no way to decided by Primer by himself of Polonouwra model of Democracy, can he apply against tested and valued democracy by Lumpenzation of Democracy model by MS regime of Junta.

    What is basic pillar of Democracy ,majority rule by mandate of voters ,not that wish of Mathripale Sirisena’s Will?

    We as whole Sri Lankan made unrepentant error of and vote for elected man without knowledge as ABC politics of democracy as President of Sri lanka.

    The voters has pay cost of their life by elected man who is totally blind and ignorant democracy ….MS!

    That is why current ongoing that election is so important , that we are compelled elected MR as Primer of Island of Sri lanka.
    Our democracy want urgently to be revival and redressed by electing MR as Primer.
    Foreseeable and Timely only solution remain in near future of democracy…..Sri lanka.

    • Maithripala Sirisena is not a puppet or an idiot. He knows what he is doing. Right of now there are several ministers from the UPFA party in the parliament hence the reason why MS has to become the chairman of UPFA so he can control the ministers of that party.

      The only good thing MR has done for Sri Lanka is by ending the war, actually it was Sarath Fonseka but never mind for the sake of this argument let’s say it was MR. That is why he became the president again by the people for the second term. But after that, he didn’t stop there, he removed the limit on the term to be the president on the Sri Lanka’s Constitution without any referendum from the Sri Lankan public or from any votes from the parliament. Later he had a bad relations with India, America, Britain, Australia etc. Only country which was in his favour was China. Then he removed the power of the judiciary in Sri Lanka thus making MR to be the sole person to govern Sri Lanka. All these reason I stated above only points to a person who was known as a dictator. I just gave you the dictionary definition of dictator and it fits perfectly for MR.

      MS came to power with the coalition of UNP, SLFP, TNA etc because they all want to get rid of MR. Now they are asking for favours for supporting MS and MS has returned the favour by having a temporary government with a prime minister and some minsters of his choice until the main general election.

      MR is trying he alter most best to get back in power because there are several cases are ready to face after the general election. Some of the cases are, he has over 1 Billion US dollars in Swiss Bank and also in several branches in Sri Lanka, His wife made him to appoint her brother who has no qualification to run Sri Lankan Airlines which you might have heard that Sri Lankan Airlines has a very bad reputation, just google about the service given by Sri Lankan Airlines and you will come across more than thousands of complains, his eldest son Namal Rajapakesa became a lawyer in 10 minutes without doing any law exams nor attended any lectures, his youngest son is still in China since January 7th because if he comes to Sri Lanka he will face lots of cases on rape, sexual assault etc. His two brothers ran away to America after 7th of January, later Sri Lankan people started throwing stones and painted his California house that he is a murderer then only they both returned to Sri Lanka. Go to YouTube and search their names and you will find them in LAX airport on 8th January.

      And it is ridiculous to state that the US and Britain are controlling MS since MS is trying his best to maintain a close relationship with India. Sri Lanka cannot profit economically with America or UK because of the geographical location, that is why MS is finding a cheaper deal with Iran, China and India for future investments in this country. Please don’t make your own theory with no facts to back it up. Sri Lanka has already suffered enough under that dictator MR, he was living like a King in Sri Lanka with lots of corruption. He doesn’t want Ranil to become the Prime Minister, he is just pretending to be nice because Ranil, CBK etc all supported him to become the president. That is why he is asking someone who is senior from UPFA to become the next prime minister, try to understand that.

      • Of course Sirisena is no fool, but he is misguided and naive to think during a general election he can gain the same Tamil votes. General elections are not like Presidential elections. January 8th 2015 Minority votes went 85% to Sirisena and 15% MR. This was due to the fact the TNA and SLMC wanted MR out. If you do a vote break down UNP brings 4 million other than the North (includes Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim), TNA brought in 600,000 SLMC brought in 500,000, JHU brought in 250,000, JVP brought in 350,000 and DNA brought in 250,000. Sirisena got close to 6.217 million which means he was only able get 267,000 UPFA votes. Lets look at the General Election North is a fight between TNA, UNP/SLMC, UPFA this will reduce the UNP and south is 4 way with UPFA, UNP, JVP and DNA. Since TNA, JVP and DNA are running it alone then 6.217 million reduces to UNP vote tally drops to 5 million which includes UPFA, JHU and SLMC votes. On the other hand the votes which MR received are solid UPFA votes even if MR loses 5% of the overall votes and assume the 5% goes to UNP, he is still at comfortable 5.5 million compared to UNP 5.312 million.

      • I stand for democracies principles that violated and undermine by President of Sri lanka by base on his statement.

        Your are talking of unfounded corruption against MR has not proven any documents last 180 days.
        Well all types of corruptions need to address by system of democracy. That is accountability and responsibility of democracy.

        The crux of matter is MS has denied majority voters or will of the right of elected Primer of next Parliament .

        MS has be honor and respect majority leader of elected by People’s vote having right to Govern the democracy and country certain period of time.

        MS mindset having right wing childish mentality and infantile disorder of democracy.

  3. Sirisena is Sri Lanka’s Mikhail Gorbachev who ended Soviet Union as wished by US. Sirisena is assign to destroy Sri Lanka by West led by US. When Mikhail Gorbachev was given Nobel Price by Americans everyone knew what his role was. Sirisena was given WHO (World Health Organisation) prize award for the same reason. Sirisena will get some more awards as he is a puppet of West now. It is people’s choice to decide who should be the Prime Minister. Sirisena illegally appointed Ranil as Prime Minster and continued to abuse Presidential powers to the level of Idi-Ameen but people did not see this man’s wrong doing as Sirisena does not talk aggressively. Actually he is the most dangerous head of Sri Lankan government we have seen in our lives. Unfortunately Sihalese people are divided due to poverty so people like Sirisena became President by using American tricks in the election.

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