IUSF accuse police of “abducting” two people

IUSF 7The Inter University Student’s Federation (IUSF) has accused the police of “abducting” two people following a demonstration staged in Colombo yesterday.

According to the IUSF, the police had arrested a student and a driver of a vehicle used by the students at the end of the demonstration in Fort.

The police have also seized loudspeakers used during the demonstration to draw attention to several demands of the university students.

IUSF convener Najith Indika said that the policemen who made the arrest were dressed in civil clothes and had arrived in a double cab.

He said that following the incident the students had visited the Fort police station and sough information about the arrest but the police had insisted that no such arrest was made.

The students had later staged a protest outside the Fort police station and after nearly two hours the two people had been released.

“The two people had told us they were taken in a normal double cab by plain clothed policemen and were threatened while being kept at the Fort police station,” Najith Indika said.

The IUSF said that this was a serious incident as the police have a procedure to follow when arresting people and they cannot simply drag people off the street. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Let the students take the role of police and police take the role of students. Democracy has its limits. This is where we miss Prasanna de Silva and his three army personnal. We also miss Prasanna de Silva’s phone call too.

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